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  1. Noni

    2.0 Rules Q & A

    December 13th there is going to be an online Q&A session with a few owners (New Hampshire, Calgary, and San Fran) and Bryan Gregory, the head of the ARC committee. Feel free to join if you are interested! This link: should give you...
  2. Noni

    Winter Gaming

    I'd be in for a bi-weekly game on Wednesday or Thursday!
  3. Noni

    Noble Dinner Invitation

    So dis must mean Ara is not the Warlord anymore. Dats okay cause I don't like soup, or wine, or boring talking. Pebbles, it's good dat we aren't Ladies and Warlords. Nothing would ever get done if we had to sit around looking at our shoes all day. While dey talk and soup, we will hunt and...
  4. Noni

    Tavern Menu Sep- 30 Event

    Thanks Jared! I'm sure everyone will appreciate the extra snacks :)
  5. Noni

    Tavern Menu Sep- 30 Event

    Breakfast Breakfast tater-tot casserole with sausage Something else TBA Lunch Mac and cheese Salad Chips Dinner Lasagna Salad Bread Sticks ***Menu items are subject to change. If any changes are made, I will announce them shortly after shopping :) The cost for tavern food this event is $10...
  6. Noni

    Donations updated 8/10/2016

    We still have a ton at our house from the last round of prop monster making. Someone just needs to swing by and pick it up!
  7. Noni

    Gypsy PCs, please read!

    In case anyone has missed it or doesn't frequent the National level boards, the Gypsy race has now officially been changed to the Selunari race. Please take a moment to read over the new package and adjust accordingly :)...
  8. Noni

    Tavern Menu June 2016

    Breakfast Breakfast tater-tot casserole Fruit Yogurt Lunch BBQ pulled chicken/BBQ pulled pork/Bean burgers (For veg friends) Potato salad/Macaroni salad Regular lettuce salad Dinner Lasagna Salad Bread Sticks ***Menu items are subject to change. If any changes are made, I will announce them...
  9. Noni

    Donations updated 8/10/2016

    Donation list has been updated to reflect our need for yellow cake make up as well as weapon needs :)
  10. Noni

    Preparing for the gathering

    Mathfis I'm not going on dat plane! I will stay on our plane and keep our tree friends safe. If there is more I can do you let me know. My husband Pyxis is traveling wif me to Vallbro and you might like him. He is great! We are gonna cook meat and corns for you and all our Vallbro friends...
  11. Noni

    Donations updated 8/10/2016

    We could use large jugs of water for the tavern if anyone wants to bring some. I'm going to pick up 3 or 4 but more water is always better than less. Also, it's going to be super hot this weekend :confused:
  12. Noni

    Tavern Menu - May 2016

    Here is the almost complete menu for our May 2016 weekend event! Breakfast: Pancakes Scrambled eggs Fruit Lunch: Mac and cheese Salad Dinner: Hamburgers/Cheese burgers/Bean burgers (Bean burgers will be limited as they are for our herbivore friends) Corn on the cob Salad The cost for tavern...
  13. Noni

    Cross Chapter Travel Data

    Looks like there are 2 SoMins now. Maybe label us as S.Michigan? There is always a lot of confusion with the SoMin and SoMi abbreviations! Also, there is no option for South Michigan in the Home Chapter drop down menu.
  14. Noni

    Donations updated 8/10/2016

    Well, we need to replace some of our older candles as well as add more to the collection to have more lighting in the tavern. I'm really trying to keep from having to turn the overhead florescent lighting on. So I suppose about 20 ish... :D But, we will take as many as we can get LOL!
  15. Noni

    Donations updated 8/10/2016

    Pillars would be great! No need for displays because they would probably end up getting broken :) thanks JT! Hugely appreciated!
  16. Noni

    Donations updated 8/10/2016

    We need battery operated candles for the tavern!!! Get me some candles and get YOU some goblin stamps ;)
  17. Noni

    May Goblin Stamp Madness

    We could REALLY REALLY REALLY use some new battery operated candles for tavern lighting. The more the better!
  18. Noni

    Pre-Registration: 2016 SoMI Season Opener! May27-29

    Unfortunately, in order to keep tavern costs at $10 a head I will no longer be able to provide food on Friday nights. I will still have beverages available though (coffee, water, tea, juice)! Also, please add me to the PC list as Ara :)
  19. Noni

    Alliance Character - View your characters online

    Thanks for keeping all of our characters updated in the online database Ian!! :)
  20. Noni

    Chicago April 8th

    GJ and I are planning on attending but we aren't 100% sure yet. Looking forward to seeing everyone!!!