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    LARPer travel problem

    one more thing, because I still new to the forums, I can't pm anyone yet :mad: you might have to pm me first.
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    LARPer travel problem

    Sorry for responding exceptionally late, I've been preoccupied lately :/ but thanks! If it's not too late, I might join you on the 14th depending on when you leave. what time do you usually take off?
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    Eugene Carpool

    HEY! I'm intrested in joining the Oregon Chapter. I have the rulebook and have read through most of it. I would like to attend an event and npc, but I don't have a way of getting to any of the events. Is there is anyone from the Eugene or Springfield area going to attend the event on August 21st...
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    LARPer travel problem

    HI! I'm eager to join the world of LARPing, particularly the Oregon chapter. I have a rulebook and have read through it. I would like to npc at an event sometime soon, the only problem is transportation. I'm 18, but I don't have a lincense yet (I'm a slacker) or a car. I was wondering if there...