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    Writings Recovered at the Fates Compass

    Good day, fellow adventurers! I was wondering, who ended up with the stack of writings recovered at the Fates Compass? I am interested in reading them once they are translated, or assisting with / finishing the translations, if that is needed. I was involved at the beginning of the...
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    An Invitation to the Fate's Compass Tavern

    Thank you, Kundirk Adventure Co., for the invitation. I will be in attendance and look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. For any blacksmiths that will be in attendance, I would like to purchase a couple mundane crossbows and a batch of bolts. I will also be in the market...
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    Creative Staff Phys Rep Construction

    Hey guys, coming back to Alliance after a long break, and looking at staff for a scholar build. I see that latex staffs (staves?) are available now and look amazing, but they are pretty pricey. I am wondering if anyone has any more traditionally made boffer staffs they could share pictures of...
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    A toast to the Bride and Groom and Spiderbear - June 2015 review

    Hey guys! I want to start my feedback by mentioning how awesome IBGAs are in this chapter. You guys put a lot of time into those responses, and by giving an extra one over winter, I really had a lot of meaty information to think about coming into this event. I probably sound like a broken...
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    Another threat emerges

    Well done, Braxton. I suspect the tune will be sung many times by those saved by the collective efforts that night. Stremthi of the Menelen Elves
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    How'd we do Aug 9-11

    I had a great time at the event. I was on site from around 3 p.m. Saturday to around 3 a.m. Sunday, so my feedback focuses on that time period. My favorite part of the event was the big town mod after we rememmed. I like that the big action was earlier in the night, when I was sharper and not...
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    Ride to Event

    Hey guys- I am looking for a way to get on site for the event without having a car there. Is anyone going to the event late Friday or early Saturday that is available to give me a ride from Ann Arbor? I would pay for gas and munchies for the drive. Thanks! Joe / Stremthi
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    Obligatory I'm coming to the event. Part 2

    I will be there - likely for Saturday / Saturday night. Joe
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    IBGA's August 9-11

    You have mine, right? Sent 6/17. Woot!
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    June Event Feedback

    Hey guys, I had a great time at the event. Although I was only there until 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, we piled in a lot of good times before real life came calling. This was an interesting event for me because I was going along on mostly PC driven stuff instead of job boards stuff. This meant...
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    Finis Autem Magia

    To the faction Finis Autem Magia, I would like to discuss a possible transaction. If you have anyone in the area of Valborough tonight or tomorrow morning and are interested, please send them to speak with me. Stremthi Wayfound of the Menelen Elves
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    Old Battlefields Near Valborough

    Thank you for the ideas and suggestions, Nigel, Mary, and Banradi. Much appreciated. Hope to see you tonight. Stremthi
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    Old Battlefields Near Valborough

    I am looking for information about any historical battlefields near Valborough, and would be willing to pay for information as to how to go about finding them (map, detailed directions, etc.), as well as their historical significance (who were the opposing sides, what was at stake in the battle...
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    One more day!

    Woohoo!! Can't wait to see what you guys came up with for this event! I have really enjoyed the in-game posts leading up to the weekend. Seems like every time I log back in, there's new stuff. So much to figure out, so little time!! Counting the hours! Joe
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    To those willing to stand in the face of danger

    King Lycergis- I am sure the adventurers will take you up on your offer. For those of us that do not know the way to court in Bonney, please either send a messenger with directions this Friday night to the gathering or provide written directions here. Thank you for your guidance, Stremthi...
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    Anyone wishing to compare notes on the subject of...

    With so many things going on this last gathering, I hardly had time to just sit with other adventurers to discuss what was happening and why. I am interested in learning more about the Oni, what their motivations are, and how they play into the bigger picture, in order to determine what can be...
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    How'd we do March 22-24

    After debriefing with a few people today about my feedback post, I wanted to post again to clarify that my original post was not complaining about the difficulty of the placker bug mod. I love the intensity of that mod, as well as the intensity of the second two node mods (prepare-to-die skills...
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    Game-on Time

    I often cannot come early on Friday, so the late start doesn't impact me personally on a regular basis. I just wanted to add to the conversation that a rolling layon, with people coming in when they want, a few at a time, has some potential to cause problems if (1) there are tough NPCs or...
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    How'd we do March 22-24

    Hey all! Great work on another fun Alliance SoMI Event!! I had a lot of fun, but wanted to weigh in on a few things specifically. Rit Marshaling. Thanks, GJ, for spending a big chunk of your Friday time doing ritual stuff. I know it can't be that awesome for you, but as a player, it was...