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    Jeyhu, First I apologize for sticking my nose into your business, so instead of stealing your customers, I would make this offer to you. I currently have more shatters and destroy scrolls than I know what to do with. Contact me with a number you are interested in and I will give you a fair...
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    Trade and looking to buy.

    Sir Ithica, As a member of Horn's End Alchemical Research and Training and Royal Trade Ambassador to Pessic, I would like to offer our services in alchemy production. We can make you anything you like in any quantity you desire. The price is 1.5x what it costs us to make, so for instance...
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    Master Merchant and Blacksmith visiting once again

    Master Tradesman, I know not how early or late I will arrive on Friday, but if past experiences predict future possibilities, I will arrive very late in your lands. Can you entertain guests much after dark? Where should I endeavor to meet you? Should I bring any special supplies? Many...
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    Master Merchant and Blacksmith visiting once again

    Master Barrister!! Us dwarfs are hearty, should it be cold there will be room in my plush bedding for you as well!! Thank you for the invite to your keep, what exciting news. Unfortunately, I really should not be leaving Valdanis as I am in the middle of some trade negotiations and in service...
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    A Reward to Offer

    Young Master Batholomew Broxton, Where will you be?? As per your missive, just ask and you would let us know. Many blessings, BtB
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    Master Merchant and Blacksmith visiting once again

    Friend Eve, I am low, but will bring what I do have. I have been a Lord for about 4 years now, but I do not stand on formality. See you soon!!, BtB
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    Master Merchant and Blacksmith visiting once again

    Dearest El, It should be TadRon, Rezzik, Durk, Tenacity, Yohon, Sloan, and Me. Can we share your quarters again? Will you keep me warm at night like last time? I am not sure if I will be able to pack my comfortable plush bedding, I am only bringing two wagons for this trip. See you soon, BtB
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    Master Merchant and Blacksmith visiting once again

    Howdy folks!! It has been about a year since I found my way through the mists to the lovely region of Briarpass. Please let me know if there are any scrolls, potions, alchemy or blacksmithed items you wish, as I will be traveling light and only bringing two of my wagons to this market day...
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    Looking for Armor

    A master blacksmith will be in town, so should you need any armor fitted, modified or created, just look me up. I charge 1.5x what it costs me to make something. Many blessings, Bob the Blacksmith
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    2012 Opener Registration is Still Available! Apr 27-29

    Re: 2012 Preregistration IS UNDER WAY! Apr 27-29 EL!!! Can not wait to see you!!! two more weeks!!!!! see you all then, Daver
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    I will try to be more active about this....I am sorry....I rarely use the they kinda suck Daver
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    the new "pancake" is nebraska
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    the new "pancake" is nebraska
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    if no one has taken them allard....and they are still out of the trash...i will take em =) dave
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    There was much rejoicing.....yeah.... but seriously, thanks everyone.
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    Picture Day

    Bev, I will talk to you tomorrow about this, just remind me =P dave
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    Character Theme Songs

    Sexual hot chocolate Bad to the Bone.......George Thourogood Bad......Michael Jackson Landslide.....Fleetwood Mac HipHop Parade......By NWA Jump Around.....House of Pain You're so Vain.......Carlie Simon =P
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    I have a large estate house that is provisioned with food and wood to keep us warm. Please make yourselves known to my curator, Ben Bones and let them know you have Bob's blessing. Stay as long as you like. Bob the Blacksmith
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    A Little Help Please?

    I am happy to assist as well, though I am not young by any standard. Many blessings, BtB