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    Lodging update!

    Hi everyone! Our hotel block for the Super 8 in Bulls Gap, TN ends tomorrow! After tomorrow, the rate goes to normal rates and the rooms are no longer held for our event. Prices outside of the room block is almost double their normal rate due to multiple events in the area. Super 8 Bulls Gap...
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    2023 National Event NPC Update

    NPC update! The Nationals Event still needs more NPC volunteers! The NPC award has been updated to 50 Dragon Stamps per LP of game time, for a total of 150 Dragon Stamps for full-time NPCs! Full time NPCs will also be provided dinner, but are welcome to enjoy the food trucks as well at their...
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    2023 National Food Plan

    Hey everyone! Here are our official menus for the 2023 National Event. Food prices are on the menus and will be paid directly to the food vendors to comply with local regulations regarding food handling. All times are subject to change based on food truck arrival. ** Please no cooking on-site...
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    National Event 2023 Information

    Hey everyone! I wanted to collect and post some information for all of you - and we at Crossroads deeply appreciate your patience as we've been working to get this event off the ground and running. This is very basic info and more will follow! Alliance Nationals 2023 "A Stab in the Dark" When...
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    Another Airport Ride Request

    If you can that would be amazing, but I'm also ok waiting until friday! Send me a PM and I'll give you my number or Facebook so we can chat more?
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    Another Airport Ride Request

    If Friday is the day people are available thats not a bug deal, I can catch a ride then if any are available!
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    Another Airport Ride Request

    Yeah, the hard part is getting to Ladd since I'm coming a day early
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    Another Airport Ride Request

    Hey all! I will be flying out to Chicago as an NPC for the national event! I'll be flying into Midway, landing at 1:30 on Thursday 9/2/21. I can provide gas money and/or food and some decent conversation if anyone is in the area during that day/time! My destination is Ladd, Illinois to spend...