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    Pre-Reg May 5th weekend event UP DATE 5/2/13

    Re: Pre-Reg May 5th weekend event UP DATE 4/25/13 Annette will do all that i can to be there but i do have a job as well so it may not happen. i will be npcing until i get my brain back into place with my character! i will of course have some goodies with me for the plot and other npcs!
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    Pre-reg for June 8th (updated 6/7)

    Re: Pre-reg for June 8th (updated 6/4) Hello amazing people! Annette will not be at this event. nor Arrianna. sadly. sorry all was looking good till work consumed all this weekend and next week out of town too so i cant even show like last time. i will freaking miss all of you!
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    Pre-reg for June 8th (updated 6/7)

    Re: Pre-reg for June 8th (updated 5/24) Annette will be there as arrianna! i am very exited to pc!!!!
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    Pre-reg for May 18th (updated 5/17)

    Okay i dont know how to contact my lovelys other than here… strangly? being that i am in secret love with bev… anywho annette will be in and out through the weekend so tomorrow night at 11- sat 7 am i leave, and then maybe a few hours on saturday night depending on how soon i can get off. sadly...
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    Pre-reg for May 18th (updated 5/17)

    Re: Pre-reg for May 18th (updated 5/11) Annette will be npc!!!! yay larp i have missed thee!!!! :yes: :hahaha: :hahaha: :hahaha: :hahaha: :hahaha: :D
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    March One Day

    just now see this post! if you are still in need allow me to accommodate! or if you will ever again need! i can make anyone who needs a place possess one! loves from the, Annette
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    Picture Day

    awe i see this now after all is said and done… hope to have an excuse to gather again?
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    December Event For Sure!

    i will try with all my might to be there. started a new job and so i am a little uncertain if i will be off. if not i will work then be there some! i have tried to recruit more who will come if it ends with a larger crew i will let you know! cant wait!
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    November Day Event Information

    what are the times for this event? or will amy keep me forever!!!??? i wouldn't mind really!
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    December 9 -11th Weekend Event

    annette will be there playing Arrianna! i hope there is snow!
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    mmmmhhhh This one has knowledge as well as an impacting manner! i am much surprised! And to be said it has a veracity mindset in its head. This is good for one with ambition! Please continue to enforce the incompetent with your insight! I approve your actions through voice Ahlana. If any others...
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    Interest in a December Event?

    i could do it!!!!! bev do i get a page to keep me warm?
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    Pre-reg for Oct 21st-23rd (updated 10/20)

    Re: Pre-reg for Oct 21st-23rd (updated 10/15) I will be there! as Arrianna this weekend!!!! woot! you guys all make me happy!
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    A call for assisstance

    I Arrianna Danielle would love to honor your quest with my keen wisdom and sharp dagger! though i expect you to care for my survival as your plans for success in this endeavor may fail.
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    Pre-reg for Sept 23rd-25th (updated 9/22)

    Re: Pre-reg for Sept 23rd-25th (updated 9/20) hey i (annette) am gonna npc lest someone disagrees!
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    To hear your story.

    My name is Arrianna Danielle Jezibelle, i have adventured with the folk of Horns End and i have been pursuaded (after a few months of travleing) that Horns End and the adventurers there are the ones i wish to reside with. i have never seen a braver or more united band of adventurers! my praises...
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    Gifts and Celebrations

    my name is Arrianna Danielle Jezubelle and i am a biata who is quite lost as how to be. but i do know our traditions are very much so kept secret. but i can say that our years are long and so we have no desire to count our age. we see a another year as another possible opportunity to serve the...