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    Stories and Favs from the SF March event!

    I had a great time for my first game as a PC. Some of the highlights: Our arrival in maelstrom. It was good fun :) Dan ran with my strange background which made it even better! --- "Stone Go!", "Go Stone!", "Leave, go now!" vs. "Wait, is that a forge?", "We would like to talk to you about...
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    Parna, the Epilogue

    Hey folks, Here's a link to Parna's Epilogue, enjoy responsibly. Feel free to comment!
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    Resolved New Construction and Bows

    In the new construction section about the 5/8" foam coating you have this: The entire surface of a bow is a non-striking surface. Does this mean that bows could be made entirely with lighter padding? (Ei. Single coat of camping pad over the core) I ask only because bows are not mentioned...
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    7-9 September Favorites!

    I have to say that I had many great moments this event. You guys rocked it! My favorite random RP moment was in a circle. I was playing "Skeletal Chaos Summoner #2", the players jumped me and through some shenanigans the players stop me and my ritual backlashes. The result being that I'm...
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    Making a visit

    Our schedule is still up in the air due to technical difficulties booking sites. We'll be posting the schedule in the announcement section as soon as we have it. Sorry I can't be more helpful at this time.
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    On Armor Locations

    I'd like to preface this with "I don't have my book with me" But iirc over 50% gets you full points for location, and over 1/3 lands you full points -1 for the same. If the steel covers more than 1/2 of your forearm & hand locations (that's both sides), you get 3 points. If not but it covers...
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    HELP! Advice needed.

    Yup, I'm in the "Don't flaunt it" group. I tell my coworkers I go camping weekends... which isn't a lie. They ask where I tell them the area and that I'm going with a large group of friends. The only reason they ask is because my car comes back from a larping weekend looking like I...
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    rules on making a shield

    you could also cut it out of rigid pink insulation foam. 2 layers of that would even let you sculpt it. It would be extremely light, but it will dent if anything hard strikes it. This is really dense foam so you'll need to add the pipe insulation on the ends.
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    SF October 2010 Event Favorite Moments

    I had a great time attacking people with a teddy bear. I enjoyed the entirety of that mod and all the RP fallout that came from it. I'd have to say my favourite part of it all was Marissa trying to buy the bear back.
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    who do I need to talk to about.....

    before you go to the trouble of making your "cheap" leather armor. I would bring your SCA suit to an event and get it appraised by a marshall. You might end up with an armor value worth wearing the extra 20lbs for.
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    who do I need to talk to about.....

    By the rules 16oz hardened leather would give you the same armor value as your standard 10oz leather. In practice I have seen some heavy hardened leather be rated as a 3 point material. It really depends on the chapter for this one. If you've seen Tevas/Chris wear his white leather suit, I...
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    Metal Breasplate

    Sand bags are also useful for dishing as you can shape them to whatever shape you want. Also if the metal gets too hard to work you can heat it up and let it cool down again. This will make it softer but will add some scaling and discoloration. Since we're not fighting with real weapons you...
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    What does it mean to speak poorly?

    Just to clear things up a bit... I said "That could describe anything from a Neanderthal to a Viking in my opinion." The key word here is "describe". I was simply stating that the description was so vague that you could bucket Neanderthals and Vikings together. "Talk poorly": Vikings had poor...
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    What does it mean to speak poorly?

    Well... I'm not sure exactly why we're bringing prejudice into the equation. But here is the quote we're currently discussing. "In order to be identifiable as a barbarian, you should talk poorly, dress in furs, and otherwise look primitive." That could describe anything from a Neanderthal to...
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    Next fighter practice

    Sounds good to me... I'll put it on the calendar and hopefully it fits
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    What does it mean to speak poorly?

    This I like... so when you said simple, I took it to mean, just use simple words. And then I set out to show that even just using simple words wasn't enough. This example of "simple" is great. The grammar is not faulty, it's just simple. Basic sentence structure and basic words. With this...
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    What does it mean to speak poorly?

    What do you mean by "simply" though... Some people suggested not to use any words with more than a few syllables. Let me translate the last post into this few syllables scheme. original post by James: "That's a possibility. In that case grammar errors would be required, but it would be...
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    An attempt at betterment

    Jeff makes a great point. Until I read this post, I was in the "you know how much damage you've taken" camp. But having to spend build on the ability to check how much damage someone has taken, that's the kicker. If everyone just kinda "knows" how much damage they've taken, then healing arts...
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    Fighter Practice

    Count me in. I could use a few tips and pointers. I'll also try to have my boffers and shield built, but in case they don't pass inspection, will anyone have spares?
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    staying loged in

    I've had that happen on firefox I switched to google chrome and the problem went away