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  1. Tetsu

    Cultural Exercise

    Howdy fellow voice-burdened dreamers! Over the last several months I have had the honor and privilege to assist with efforts to recover the Great land of Falkirk from the foes that would see it burn. It's been challenging. However, through the cooperation of His Grace Sir Nevin Kendrick's...
  2. Tetsu

    Gaining interest and excitement thanks to you.

    Alliance Ashbury team, Thank you. You've made magic this season. I'm more interested in Alliance and my Character path than I have been in several years. I attribute this to the enthusiasm of my team in game, the outstanding writing, good management, and super responsive logistics. I am...
  3. Tetsu

    IBGA - Invitation & Escort Mission

    Hey Ashbury players, If you would like to be in on the mission Flint will be undertaking if the Paladins accept his offer of escort to Fairdale please PM me or let me know here. I want to get the writeup in as soon as possible. Please note: This may result in those PCs having to NPC Friday...
  4. Tetsu

    Declaration of intent.

    Good day citizens of the Kingdom of Icenia, My name is Captain Flint Boulderback, Commanding officer of the Ducal Armed forces in the would-be Barony of Corrheim. A good number of the adventuring and Noble community listened to me speak on matters regarding the escalating feud between our...
  5. Tetsu

    For Caprice, Barran, and those with Light in their hearts.

    Good day fellow Adventurer' and Noble' alike, I have travel' in your place once. I made mistake' and made a pledge on making thing' right. I am Sastrawan; we do not forget matter' of honor. In my travel, one of my best good friend', a savage but kind war-rabbit name' Caprice fell to the...
  6. Tetsu

    Good luck and mad props!

    Hey Alliance Denver! I just wanted to wish the best of luck getting started. I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible, and everybody has a fun and safe time! I also wanted to just say that Jesse Grabowski is the man. For those of you new to the game; you are in good hands. I have been...
  7. Tetsu

    To Dream-Person Larissa & the adventurers of Barran.

    Good evening Dream-Person Larissa, I have taken to the dream' realm as it seem fitting way to reach out to you. I was the one who drew steel on you in the minutes after our battle with the tiny seneschal man-frog and him elosdi minion'. Please do not mistake my action' as the will of the...
  8. Tetsu

    Friend or Foe - when should I killing blow?

    Howdy friends, This ain't somethin' I do often - speak in dreams. It is not something I'm too comfortable with; I try my best to avoid it. However, this sorrowful topic must be addressed, and from what I've been witnessin', right soon too. I believe one of the most important things in any...
  9. Tetsu

    Bastion - XBLA

    Hi folks, I've been looking forward to the XBLA/PC downloadable title - Bastion, for a while a now. I can't wait to get home today and play it. If you have XBLA, enjoy action/rpgs, and a good story; you might like it too. The game features a hand-drawn art syle, and a narrator character that...
  10. Tetsu

    The Adventures of Grim & Kialda

  11. Tetsu

    The Wild Hunt

    Has anybody seen this movie? -Justin
  12. Tetsu

    And then this happened ... pocalypse/ The following information is taken from the link above: "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is not known for its comic hijinks. Indeed, the agency’s data and disease reports are typically serious, straight-forward and well...
  13. Tetsu

    Left at site

    Hi guys, In my haste to leave Sunday I left a towel in a tree outside my cabin, heh. I hope someone at least picked it up to discard it if nothing else. If you found it and set it aside, please send me a PM! Thanks you! Justin C.
  14. Tetsu

    My friends first legit music video.

    Hey all, The following link leads to the ze youtubez where my buddies first for reals music video is posted. I am really proud of them, and think their music is pretty awesome. I hope you all enjoy it too. There is a good possibility that their music stylings will be featured at an Alliance...
  15. Tetsu

    The shot that defy reason and logic.

    Defying all odd' and reality of thing' I, Tetsu, not learned in the art of archery have done the almost-impossible. I have shot the magic duck on Ultimate Hard Mode setting. He ran past a tree real' fast. It was tough. Know this am for factual. There am witness! Now I will learn to shoot...
  16. Tetsu


    Hey so...a while back I gave out a bunch of stuff in a sort of magic will when my first PC permed. I forget where the helmet got to. If anyone has that and they are planning on attending the Sept HQ event, please bring it with you. Thanks, Justin Coggin
  17. Tetsu

    Dear friend

    Squire Paladar Beltaine, I was not present to witness your latest deed of heroism. It sound' like it am the most impressive of all! Word' on tavern wall say you am no more. I do not believe it! I still feel you near. I still see your big smile that alway' welcome me even in the most dire...
  18. Tetsu

    Regarding the treaty with Broken Spear.

    To all, According to the good word of Sir Harrison Ryatt, esteemed Paladin of the Duchy of Ashbury, the treaty with the Broken Spear tribe of Bugbears is null and void. If any Bugbears are seen near towns or settlements they are to be asked to leave or face martial opposition. I will be happy...
  19. Tetsu

    Armor and Shield

    I may be in the market for some armor and a shield. I ain't lookin' for a real heavy suit. Somethin' like light chain would do the trick. If you got some wares yer lookin' to sell then let me know. I don't got much in the way of coin so maybe we can work out a trade. I should be around...
  20. Tetsu


    This is an experiment with a scanner at work. The image is a bit washed out. If you save it, you can view it's actual size, which is much larger.