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  1. Jaerc

    Alliance LARP Utah 2020 Season!

  2. Jaerc

    Sickle: Small Weapon or One-Handed Edged? Also, any specific combat rules?

    I've played with this kind of stuff without it being a weapon that causes hooking issues phys-rep wise. That said it might be a good idea to bring a short sword too!
  3. Jaerc

    Craftsman Rules Reminders

    Craftsman Reminders: #1 The only thing the Craftsman is supposed to do is give you 1 Silver per Logistics Period. It is not supposed to have any mechanical effect. Local Plot Members and Plot Teams may choose to give or gate additional information, opportunities challenges or encounters for...
  4. Jaerc

    Alliance Idaho Teaser

    (OOG: If you would like to learn more about Ilicia and Veliri check out --
  5. Jaerc

    Utah Goblin Points 2020

    What can be obtained? The document linked below spells out everything available in the Alliance Utah chapter with Goblin Points. In short, you can gain XP, buyback Resurrection consequences, change your build, purchase production items, components, ritual scrolls, workshops, and all sorts of...
  6. Jaerc

    LCO Level Caps

    @Draven 's comment on temporary caps got me thinking. Personally I think it would be interesting to have a Big Bad in a shard take action to cause there to be a level cap that was slightly higher than the highest level current PCs. In order to remove this magical phenomena they'd first need to...
  7. Jaerc

    Transfer Enchantment and Flaws

    I agree with all said above. Flaws just don't Transfer. Ruling aside - I might personally consider (if it worked for my local Staff / Plot hierarchy) allowing a Flaw to be the subject of Transfer Enchantment (as long as it was moving with at least 1 Ritual) if the TE itself had undergone an...
  8. Jaerc

    Shattering Armor during refit

    @Azath My source is my interpretation that one takes damage to Body when one is hit during a Refit, which would otherwise hit the Armor. I couldn't personally seen the ruling that @Draven mentions via searching, though I obviously have fun faith in @Polare. I agree that it is likely this...
  9. Jaerc

    Shattering Armor during refit

    You don't need to be Focusing to Rip from Bindings. The textual difference between the Escape Binding 'counted action' & the Refiting rules 'Focus mechanic' exists, which to my eyes makes them sufficiently non-analogous. Also counted actions aren't interrupted by taking damage. A different way...
  10. Jaerc

    Shattering Armor during refit

    The attacker should use Drain > Shatter if interrupting the Focus used to Refit is the goal.
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    If the caster and victim of the Web are one and the same the rules text indicates, like you mentioned, that dropping to Bleeding or an appropriate removal spell are needed to end this effect. Also see.below:
  12. Jaerc

    Sir Percival's Warning

    PLOT TEASER (via Josh R... I am not on Plot) A wanderer comes into Town, and after meeting with the Dwarven Prince, asks the heroes to gather round and hear his words... The man takes off his hood, revealing a youthful face, but eyes that seem different, even as if something was wrong or...
  13. Jaerc

    How does Knighting in your lands work?

    For Utah here's the general shape of things. Disclaimer: I am not Plot. 1. A handful of orders exists, each headquartered in a specific region. They tend to serve codes and follow internal hieracrhcies rather than serve crowns these days because of stuff like a) the empire that used to host...
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    Other Web Presence

    If you'd like to get to know us better, peep pictures of fun time, or hang out in real-time, check out our chapter's other web presence. Facebook Instagram Discord
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    Are non-service animals allowed?

    I feel this would be chapter-specific. I have seen dogs come to other games and both work out (in the case a small breed that stayed inside a person's tent the whole time) and be very problematic more than once (interceding in combat, thankfully with no one being bitten). Overall, I'd rule...
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    2020 Alliance LARP Utah Fundraiser!

    You'll get a reply from there soon, no doubt. If PayPal or VenMo work for you, you can pay through them directly. Cheers and thanks,.mysterious outlander!
  17. Jaerc

    Nationals 2020 Cash Donation Drive!!

    Where can I point folks to see Sam's no doubt beautiful jewelry?
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    Magic Armor and Item Cosmetic Transformation

    In modifying an Armor Tag down, would y'all personally reissue a new tag, or physically alter the previous one?
  19. Jaerc

    Silence and channeling

    It's not exactly intuitive that one can keep "casting" channeling when Silenced and I have encountered this confusion the field a fair amount. I think adding text to the final wording to clarify that [Elemental] and effects work while Silenced causes no harm. It's clear to me that's the case...
  20. Jaerc

    Healing/Chaos 45 potions and Evocation Bolt 45 Scrolls

    For what it's worth - we've played with the Rules As Written, and it's worked out fine, here.