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  1. Garou52

    He’s back

    Phelan steps through the gates of Calanhelm. Looking around for a moment to reorient the new sites to his old memories he continues on his way towards the Ogre’s Head Tavern. It’s been a long time he thinks to himself.
  2. Garou52


    A solitary figure makes his way towards the breach.
  3. Garou52

    Saving a spirit

    A Weary and haggard Wolf-kin enters the arcane library. Seeing the vast amounts of what the No-furs call "books" once again brings a smile to his muzzle. Shaking his head Phelan gives a silent laugh. Never would have thought that I would have a need of that pile of chicken scratch the No-furs...
  4. Garou52

    Sparkly stuff questions

    A weary,travel stained Phalen arrives at the arcane sanctum. Making his way through the massive door he stops the nearest sanctum member he spots. " Beg pardon neighbour. My name is Phelan Marrok a deputy of Parsons Breach. I've come into possession of a ring that I was hoping to get some...
  5. Garou52

    Doing some digging.

    Trudging along the forest path. Phelan spots a familiar landmark. Looming before him stands a majestic oak tree, it's bark scared by many a lightning strike. Pausing momentarily to ensure that only his scent is still apon it, He scans his surroundings one last time. Satisfied that he is...
  6. Garou52

    Getting ready

    Looking outside the window in his room at the ogre's head tavern. Phelan makes note of the suns position. Looks like its about time. Time to make my way downstairs and await the rest of my pack. Turning away from the window he pads towards the door, gathering up his gear along the way. Pausing...
  7. Garou52

    Im Back

    Hi everyone Sorry for the disappearance. The last couple of months have been ..interesting, but im back and Phelan's ready to play . Since I haven't done any posts since the last time I played ( Septembers game?)I was hoping that I could explain where Phelan went. After the conclusion of the...
  8. Garou52

    A familiar face returns

    After a long and stressful journey As the walls of Calanhelm loom over him Phelan smiles a wolfey grin. "Im back" he says outload as he continues on his way past the gates and makes his way through the lively streets towards the ogres head. As he continues on his way. Phelan wonders to himself...
  9. Garou52

    Phelan returns to the breach

    Moving silently through the brush. Phelan makes his way back to the breach. As he stop to take a breath and to get his bearings, he wonders to himself. [iI wonder where Kai wandered off to. One minute she's is behind me looking at some plants and the the next thing I know she's gone without a...
  10. Garou52

    Off to the market

    Taking Kai's outstretched paw. Phelan gently helps Kai along. " By all means. Lets take head off to the market" Helping Kai to a shady spot, Phelan quickly moves off to fetch the weary fox-kin a flaky sausage roll and a hot bubbly fruit tart to snack on. " Here you go my lady. Something to nosh...
  11. Garou52

    Phelan goes off to scout.

    Sliding the newly silvered blade back into it sheath. Phelan gets the rest of his gear in order. Well. That should be everything I think. Time to earn my keep and range about the breach and see what the beasties are up to. With that last thought. Phelan disappears into the forest with but a...
  12. Garou52

    Looking for Brunor

    Phelan heads toward the forge. Looking around he calls out " Are ye about Brunor? I have needs for your skills."
  13. Garou52

    Looking for Kai

    Licking the last of lunches crumbs off his muzzle,Phelan scents the wind. Now where has that inquisitive young Foxkin gone off to now? Fluffing up his magnificent tail Phelan heads off towards the commons in search of the elusive kin. As he continues his search. Phelan's ears perk up as he...
  14. Garou52

    Something furry this way comes.

    Tired and disheveled from his exertions the last couple if mths, Phelan pushes open the doors to the ogres head. Pausing to take in the familiar sights and smells of the busy inn. Noticing no new scents that demanded his attention , Phelan makes his way over to the barkeep, Phalen greets him...
  15. Garou52

    Ogre's head

    With the long night past them, Phelan trudges his way back to the Ogre's head. Phelan smiles as the smell and sounds of a busy Ogre's head fills his senses. Going to the bar he asks the Barmaid. " I will have some dark ale and some chicken if you have any left over. Ah! maybe you can help me. I...
  16. Garou52

    Character lists?

    Do we have a list of everyone's out of game and in game names? for some of us who have horrible memories ( me lol ) it would be a good idea to have one stickied so that there is a resource to check when we are sending Pm's to each others.
  17. Garou52

    On patrol

    With the fall of night, Phelan readys the last of his gear. " we'll that should be everything I need for my patrol". Loosening his swords in their scabbards, he makes his way down the stairs of the inn and towards the front door. Phelan opens the stoat wooden door and steps out into the cold...
  18. Garou52

    Time for "walkies"

    "Well. I think it's time that I take a peek around the market place. Phelan says to himself as he gets up from his chair in his room at he inn. Gathering his armour and weapons he starts to buckle then on. " Hopefully I will find a scribe so that I can send word of my travels back home to...
  19. Garou52

    Arriving in Calenhelm

    So this is the often spoke of Ogres Heads tavern. Phelan says to himself. After a longer then anticipated journey Phelan has finally made it. " that's what I get for taking Cletus' s so called short cut" he says with a toothy grin. Pushing open the doors to the tavern. He pauses a moment and...
  20. Garou52

    Tying up lose ends.

    Taking one last look around the cabin that he has been his home for the last few months. Phelan shoulders his gear and steps gingerly outside. "Bloody paw still aches from the spill I took" he mutters as moves across the village. Phelan walks to the nearest member of the town watch and asks. "...