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  1. Paul N.

    New Player Representative Announcement

    Congrats Chantell!
  2. Paul N.

    BroS Game 2 Favorite Moments

    - all my talks with Goldcrest - "Alister stop being in front" five seconds later " Alister, stop being in front" five seconds later "Damn it Alister, get behind us" - All of Orc Squad -Drunken night with friends and making a new one -teaching Sable -so, star wars
  3. Paul N.

    Big West 2019 Pre-Registration

    so i am Pre-Registered as an npc, but when i check my the character i have signed up to get the xp it says invalid. what did i do wrong? New, never mind i fixed it. my bad
  4. Paul N.

    Down Times

    This is just a friendly reminder that your down times are due by this Sunday 09/30/18 (not Monday at 12:01).
  5. Paul N.

    Sept 2018 Feedback Form

    I clicked the link but I get "The form "Alliance Oregon 3/16 Event Feedback" is no longer accepting responses."
  6. Paul N.

    January 2018 Pre-Registration

    Sadly i will not be able to make game, due to car issues. Hope you guys have a safe but fun game.
  7. Paul N.

    January 2018 Pre-Registration

    Mmmm sounds good
  8. Paul N.

    December Game Favorite Moments

    order elemental " elemental, elemental shield" throws packet. "oops" player who got hit "......taken?" order elemental ".....yep"
  9. Paul N.

    Favorite Moments - December 2017 Weekend Event

    I enjoyed being part of the three soldiers (Garret, Gunther, and Barrow) from the front line, and all the puns, innuendos and a poor confused Pandakin. "Is she a professional?"
  10. Paul N.

    December 2017 Meal Plan Menu

    Everything sounds good. Just a question (ok maybe two) are there only two meals on Saturday? Are we on our own for lunch?
  11. Paul N.

    Good luck.

    Good luck.
  12. Paul N.

    busy "plotting" for the November game.

    busy "plotting" for the November game.
  13. Paul N.

    November Game Pre-Reg

    is the character transfer date right?
  14. Paul N.

    Cant wait for the next event :)

    Cant wait for the next event :)
  15. Paul N.

    June 2017 Weekend Event Pre-Registration - Stradyn Campaign Opener

    I know its first come first serve for bunks for NPC's, but if someone could save a bottom bunk for an npc with a sore foot that would be awesome. I have to leave work late and pick up two PC, so I will be getting there late like 9ish
  16. Paul N.

    June 30-July 2 Event Meal Plan Menu

    sounds good to me
  17. Paul N.

    Season 3, Event 3 - Equity - Favorites

    this was one of mine as well, had a lot of fun playing the "Night Hunter"
  18. Paul N.

    Please Help Hydrate Our NPCs

    You guys/galls are awesome thank you