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    Post Banquet/Season Feedback

    Hey everyone! Thanks for coming out to our banquet event, I hope you had a good time! Please let us know what you liked or what we can improve upon with this handy feedback letter. Thanks and hope to see you next season! --- Player Name: Character Name: Date of Event: Which plotlines...
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    HOW DARE YOU!!!!

    HOW DARE YOU!!!! You wretched creatures dare to interfere with me once again, even mocking my family to my face? How can you call yourselves people?! My daughter was the light of my life and I will not rest until I see her once again! You shall not acquire any more of the wax from my candles as...
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    My Sincerest Thanks

    Alexander, Thanks for being there to help me develop my plots and to bounce ideas off of, thank you for all of your dedication all of these years and thank you so much for getting me involved in this wonderful community all those years ago! It's been a pleasure to work with you and I hope that...
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    Cecil Cabal and Stahn Raven's Lieutenants

    Yay! Thanks Jehan! Also, which one was Azurdex? I remember that there was Elle's mom and there was a creepy silence ghost. Also, isn't Apatow dead forever now? -Keeper, Librarian of the Fairfax Library
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    Cecil Cabal and Stahn Raven's Lieutenants

    What if we summon a flame elemental so that it can burn him a lot for us? Does anybody have a summon foundation elemental scroll? I'll cast it! When we fight Menra again that is... -Keeper, Librarian of the Fairfax Library Burner of Evil Mummies.
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    Cecil Cabal and Stahn Raven's Lieutenants

    Um... Liddia... Not to be rude, but you said Menra will take more than a Stake of Woe, I'm hoping you didn't mean that he also needed a stake of woe... Cuz Menra's a mummy... MAYBE WE HAVE TO BURN HIM UNTIL HE'S ASH! THEN HE WON'T COME BACK! I'M SO SMART, GUYS, WE NEED TO BURN MENRA! -Keeper...
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    Cecil Cabal and Stahn Raven's Lieutenants

    What? Menra is a mummy, Cecil's the vampire, who's the lich? Necromancy sucks, they just keep making more mean and evil people. -Keeper, Librarian of Fairfax Library
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    Gift of Life for those who seek

    Why wait 5-6 hours? That's a long time... Wouldn't it be better to wait a few minutes? And why should you being asleep stop a meeting? We could just make loud noises or knock louder. That works for me anyway. -Keeper, Librarian of the Fairfax Library
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    Big Caterpillars?

    Kuyak, I can't really say, but in my professional opinion, caterpillars don't tend to be poisonous or venomous... Most of the time... I'd refrain from eating caterpillars, or if you do, let me know so I can document the proceedings. Bethanne, Not always true, I've seen and synthesized...
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    Goods, Rentals, and Advertising

    I'll show you payment you weasel! I'll pay you your fees in my presence and since you're so reluctant to deliver me the gold, you can pay me in blood, sweat, and the building materials that I'll strip from your ramshackle town after I raid it! After that, perhaps we can negotiate the sale of...
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    Goods, Rentals, and Advertising

    I'm still waiting for that money I've requested 2 SEPARATE TIMES from you people! Can you maybe accommodate me with that?! I WILL take it by force if you refuse me again you pests! Nobody breaks our cave and gets away with it. I expect 300G ready for payment upon my arrival on Saturday, or I...
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    Earth Guild Services for July Market

    As a former Protector of the Martial Branch of the Guild, I can attest that it is an excellent way to serve the guild for those who are not proficient in Earthen Magic. We will accept anybody who may use a weapon and we greatly appreciate any and all who will help us against the menace of...
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    Big Caterpillars?

    Salutations Benjamin! I am a professor of Entomology and Insect Studies at the Tunarian University and I employ the adventurers in many cases in assisting with my research. If you will be available and present this weekend, I would happily request that you assist me in my research in some way...
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    Aug Favorites

    Great event, thanks so much to the staff for all their hard work! -"I'm not a Moth, I'm a Dryad, metal is gross." -Being the town fan for a mod. -Waking up Locke and Roy. Twice. (Sorry again Josh and Kayla) :P -Magic Storm in the perfect location. -Scorpio, didn't come off as the brightest...
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    Work to do-June Gather

    Thanks Jehan! I can't wait to help out! -Keeper, Librarian of the Fairfax Library
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    Liquid light

    I mean... If you do it tell me what happens so I can write it down... But I wouldn't drink it... It's not the tastes good alchemy from my (limited) knowledge of alchemy... You should maybe just coat your something in it so it's all glowy and shiny and stuff... Keeper, Librarian of the Fairfax...
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    Work to do-June Gather

    Hi Kathrina, or do you prefer Miss Taliss? Or Mrs Taliss? I dunno, I figure it's polite to ask. I haven't met you before but you seem super nice so we should talk this weekend! It'd be great to have help going to the Tar Pits! I work at the library and it's a great job! I get to sit around and...
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    Of Merchanting things

    Petyr! We should talk again! It was really nice to talk to you a while ago and I haven't seen you since that thing with Bobo, so we should talk again! I mean... If you're not too busy with merchant things... -Keeper, Librarian of the Fairfax Library
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    Liquid light

    You should just cast a light spell. That makes things super easy. Then you can see everything and you don't need to put glowy goop everywhere... Unless you like glowy goop. Don't drink it though, that sounds gross to me... -Keeper Librarian of the Fairfax Library
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    Place to rest my head

    Yay Link! It'll be great to see you again! -Keeper, Librarian of the Fairfax Library