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  1. Matt AGB co-owner

    2023 season

    Greetings Adventures AGB is happy to announce our 2023 season April 28-30 September 8-10 October 13-15 November 3-5 Hope to see you there
  2. Matt AGB co-owner

    New HOP

    Hi folks, AGB is happy to announce that Drew Resele has excepted the role of Head of Plot. We are working at transferring the resources over to him. And we also would Like to thank Jackie for stepping into the role last year when it was needed.
  3. Matt AGB co-owner

    Winter IBGA's

    Hello Adventurers, This is your friendly plot reminder for Winter IBGA’s. Please follow the information below. Each player may take three actions over the course of the winter. If you're new to the game, you're probably wondering what that means. » Going to a location to research something...
  4. Matt AGB co-owner

    Life guard

    Hi all figured I'd post this here as well. Is anyone a certified lifeguard and would be willing to do some lifeguarding in return for gobbies? Please let me know as soon as possible. I guess there are plans. Matt
  5. Matt AGB co-owner

    Stormbreak may Event

    I forgot to mention I'm available for any none combat NPCing that might be needed
  6. Matt AGB co-owner

    2019 Events Announcement

    I'm trying to keep up :D
  7. Matt AGB co-owner

    2019 Events Announcement

    The newest Rule set was just released and I figured to post a link to the thread for everyone here
  8. Matt AGB co-owner

    2019 Events Announcement

    There should be a button at the bottom that will allow you to edit your XP points
  9. Matt AGB co-owner

    2019 Events Announcement

    Great alot of exciting things in the packet I'm also available to help anyone if needed
  10. Matt AGB co-owner

    Pre-reg for August event

    Edited think it's been worked out
  11. Matt AGB co-owner

    Pre-reg for August event

    Hi all I need to reserve what looks like the fire room just need to know how to pay Matt Colosimo (Justyn Middleton)
  12. Matt AGB co-owner


    Just first off thank you plot staff npc and fence jumpers I love this game and story and truthfully amazed how you can keep it all straight as I get lost with what I know is going on and I'm finding out it is like only a 1/4 1- wanting to find out about to glowing lady and following her around...
  13. Matt AGB co-owner


    Wow!!! Don't know where to start save for thank you staff and cast of such a fun and exciting weekend that I can not wait till the end of June to come. To start I'm horrible with names so maybe used. Aaleeha and the tree except for hiking up and down the hill to fetch other races to see if the...
  14. Matt AGB co-owner

    OOG Hearth and Home: Dinner and Dessert Tourney Events!!

    Justyn will be bringing a pecan caramel candy