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  1. Avernorn

    July 29 pre-registration

    Kevin to PC as Avernorn. Feels good to be back!
  2. Avernorn

    October event pre-registration CLOSED

    Kevin Bertrand prereged as Avernorn for the oncoming event. This time, all deliveries shall be made.
  3. Avernorn

    September event pre-registration

    Kevin Bertrand to PC Avernorn and Leann to PC as Lilith.
  4. Avernorn

    August event pre-registration CLOSED

    Greetings! Kevin Bertrand going in as Avernorn. Leann Ronk coming is as Lillith Ann Rose (I needed to do it on my card) Event Hype!
  5. Avernorn

    July event pre-registration

    Greetings! Kevin Bertrand prereging as Avernorn for the weekend. So excited to do this event!
  6. Avernorn

    Requesting for an Earth Circle

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone would be generous enough to donate an Earth Circle for the next gathering. I would normally ask for a ward, but for the time being, one of my companions doesn't work well with the Celestial Magic. If you do help us for this cause, I will either give you a few...
  7. Avernorn

    June event pre-registration: CLOSED

    Greetings! Kevin Bertrand registered to PC as Avernorn... this ratio is scary for PC to NPC.
  8. Avernorn

    Tell us your Favorites!

    Despite me NPCing (and having some epic moments through fighting), my favorite moment was when I was trying to get to shatter the crystal inside of the building but my weapon got stuck between one of the pillars and the building. I dropped it and look at it along with the PC nearby and I just...
  9. Avernorn

    April event pre-registration CLOSED

    Greetings! Kevin Bertrand here registering to play as Avernorn and I also paid for my yearly membership. Time to get back into the flow of things!
  10. Avernorn

    October event pre-registration CLOSED

    Kevin Bertrand doing the PC thing as Avernorn.
  11. Avernorn

    9 Towers pre-registration

    Greetings! Kevin Bertrand coming to NPC (for once)
  12. Avernorn

    Sept event pre-reg closed

    Greetings! Kevin Bertrand signing up to PC Avernorn and I would like to request the Gryphon cabin for myself, Kris, Frisco, Emily O, and Frank C.
  13. Avernorn

    August event pre-registration: closed

    Kevin Bertrand here to PC as Avernorn.
  14. Avernorn

    July event pre-registration: CLOSED

    Greetings! Kevin Bertrand here signing up to NPC this weekend.
  15. Avernorn

    June event pre-registration: Closed

    Greetings! Kevin Bertrand registering as Avernorn for the weekend. Can't wait!
  16. Avernorn

    May event preregistration CLOSED

    Greetings! I, Kevin Bertrand, will be going up ad playing as my Mystic Wood Elf Avernorn. Hope to see you all there!
  17. Avernorn

    Pre-reg for Ashbury April event: CLOSED

    Greetings! I just pre-registered and payed for a year membership. Kevin Bertrand PCing as Avernorn. Looking forward to being back up there and battling again!
  18. Avernorn

    October pre-registration closed

    Re: October pre-registration DEADLINE SUNDAY Hello! Kevin Bertrand prereging to play as Avernorn just paid a few minutes ago. I know this is last minute, sorry ^^'
  19. Avernorn

    Pre-registration for August is CLOSED

    Re: Pre-registration for August; DEADLINE SUNDAY Greetings! Kevin Bertrand pre-registered to play as Avernorn this event. Hope to have fun while trying to dance and fight!
  20. Avernorn

    Pre-reg for July Low Level Event: Pre-reg is closed

    Re: Pre-reg for July Low Level Event: DEADLINE TOMORROW 7/1 Hello! I'm Kevin Bertrand registering as a player character for the Newbie event. Hope to see everyone there.