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  1. DJK

    An Open letter to the False Vangaurd

    Dear Morons, I find myself encumbered with an insurmountable rage in your recent actions. That coupled with the fact it will be a while before I can find suitable vengeance for those acts. So I will make my demands plain, release John Bowen. If you meet this one demand, I will only kill you...
  2. DJK

    June Feedback Please?

    Well Chris, I always enjoy our sports talk and you're a funny guy....oh you mean event feedback. Right. Honestly I thought it was a good event. There are a few minor issues I have with the site but its nothing we can control. I wish there was more parking and we had more space but those are pet...
  3. DJK

    June 2nd - 4th Registration Thread

    Do we have a lay on time? Hard or soft?
  4. DJK

    A little help?

    Pardon me but I've been out of the country for some time now and I was hoping someone could help with any information on some friends of mine. Graydin Pike is an farm boy at heart but is strong as an ox, former sergeant of the Valdanis military Alexander Turk is perhaps the most skilled...
  5. DJK

    Why I loved the opener...(or favorite moments)

    Despite being low on npc's the crew ran a very tight ship. I honestly can't remember the last time we had such short wait times for mods. You guys did great. I personally loved the library mod and the puppet's. It was a different kind of challenging, causing frustration at times forcing us to...
  6. DJK

    Pre-Reg for April 17th-19th event Up to date 4/16/ 15

    I'll be there hope you all miss my ugly face since it's coming all the way from Tennessee
  7. DJK

    April Pre-Reg

    I'll be there to PC and my sister Genevieve will be showing up to NPC for her first event. Derek
  8. DJK

    Vanguard Guild

    Just sent the stuff to your email if you didnt get it let me know
  9. DJK

    April One Day

    Fantastic job by the entire NPC crew. Special shout out to Joe for being a mind reader. Favorite moments, Mixing up red-shirt metaphors has to top the list Helping out Cyprus and learning new tricks Both auctions were fun not to mention being recruited is always an ego boost Finding out...
  10. DJK

    Sleep Easy

    Abandoning Valdanis? Last I checked we were removed forcefully. How is that abandonment? I don't suppose you would know the way back would you Mr. Sleeper?
  11. DJK

    Sleep Easy

    I've heard worse....but I'm not sure if Graydin should count. He can't even spell correctly
  12. DJK

    A Little Help Please?

    The Vanguard are always looking for work. What's the pay?
  13. DJK

    Thank you to the Alliance Traverse entire staff

    I can very easily speak for my entire group in saying we all had a great time. A huge thank you to all the NPC's, runners, and staff members who made this event as great as it was. A very special thank you goes out to Joe who kept the five of us entertained the entire weekend. Thank you to Chris...
  14. DJK

    Pre-Reg for 10/20/12 event Up Dated 10/17/12

    Re: Pre-Reg for 10/20/12 event Up Dated 10/15/12 I'm very excited to see what you guys bring to the entertainment as well Chris. We can't wait!
  15. DJK

    Pre-Reg for 10/20/12 event Up Dated 10/17/12

    Re: Pre-Reg for 10/20/12 event There are some young green newbies coming to town btw. Five guys I'm sure you've all never heard of. Derek Kenny, Tyler Anderson, Mike Dumas, Alex Walker, and Corey Walker. Of course I'm picking on Amy because she just got our pre-reg's today. '
  16. DJK

    Pleasure to make your acquaintance

    Hello to you all of Valdanis, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mathew Dolloway, my friends call me Rook. I am looking for a chance to meet someone who could show me around the area if at all possible. You see I am not from around here and I was hoping to learn all I can after all the...
  17. DJK

    October Event Thanks!

    I was so happy to see new blood in the chapter and while I didnt get to interact all that much with the new guys I hope they had an awesome time. I had alot of good moments over the weekend but they were all dwarfed by one. When Garoth was talking to Valdanis and we saw that the griffons were...
  18. DJK

    Caution to the wise

    A word if you please: It is said that the past can haunt your present, perhaps that is the physical embodiment of him. This is not a tale for the faint of heart. This is a story of choices, a story of mistakes, and a story of rage. The bird of black flame is coming back home this fall. Like...
  19. DJK

    To those who atone

    Journey along the path of light but realize you will face my might Wanderer no longer guides you Don't fear for my blade will run you through Darkness returns soon to horns end Decide whether to run or defend welcome deaths cold embrace As your mentor did, take his place The soil will welcome...
  20. DJK

    Tri-Point Alert

    Be on the lookout for an individual known as Jalen Webb. We have confirmed that he is the new head of the crimson Key. A wanted poster will be up in Horns End for those who need a specific description. He also will be wearing signature brass knuckles as well as the Crimson Key's signature...