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  1. meirya

    Maelstrom Campaign Closer - Traveler Assistance Program

    We organized it off the forums, but I believe Jono (Jonno?) is giving @Freyir and I a ride from the airport to site. ...It occurs to me that we probably need to borrow linens though? Blankets, sheets, a pillow? (@Freyir will bring their own pillow, but I probably need to borrow one.) I mean, I...
  2. meirya

    Maelstrom Campaign Closer -- Nov 15-17 -- Site Information and Other Logistics

    Where/how do we pay the $75? And is there a way to check if we've already paid, because I cannot remember if I did or not.
  3. meirya

    October 2019 FAVORITE MOMENTS!

    Oh goodness. So many good moments! I went into this event expecting an emotionally light event, basically vacation for my character, since I didn't have any real ties to the various plotlines, and only had relationship ties to two other characters. So what could possibly happen? Welp. The one...
  4. meirya

    Travelers to Maelstrom: Questions, Resources

    Tisztelet People of the Maelstrom, and travelers to November Gathering therein, Like many, it seems, I am traveling to Maelstrom for November gathering. My companion Hildr' feels strong pull to return to her former home; I am accompanying her. Through dreamscape, I have heard some of what you...
  5. meirya

    Racial Refresher

    This is super out of date now! Would anyone mind if I edited it to update all the information?
  6. meirya

    July 2019 Favorite Moments!

    It was so good seeing everyone again after nearly 2 years away! I was only there from about 5pm Saturday through closing ceremonies, so I missed a lot (as I read through everyone else's favorite moments and am completely lost) but... Hiding in NPC camp from the hail shortly after getting on...
  7. meirya

    Masquerade Favorite Moments Thread

    Masquerade favorite moments Orsolya meeting a Commerce Guild representative with the last name “Von Gelding”. She’s from the Horse Tribe (think conquest era Hungarian, or Mongolian) and so the first thing she thinks of is “neutered male horse”, and is amused and confused as to why or how...
  8. meirya

    Favorite Moments: S2 Ep3, May 17-19

    This event was beautifully paced and fantastically statted. I so often felt like we were going to wipe as a town, felt like I was entirely out of resources and so was most everyone else, kept hitting that point of "well crap, we're not going to survive this" on more than one occasion and then...
  9. meirya

    Favorite Moments: S2 Ep3, May 17-19

    What were your favorite moments from the May event? Share them here! I'll share mine in a separate post later on, but I wanted to get this thread started since it's a couple days after the event.
  10. meirya

    Alliance LARP Utah 2019 Schedule

    Can we get this updated in case someone is trying to find out the schedule via the forums and not facebook?
  11. meirya

    Favorite Moments thread Season2 game 2 2019

    So many things! Let’s see if I can do this in a non spoilery (?) way. Thank you all for a fabulous game, and I look forward to playing with you some more! My first ever resurrection! I have been playing boffer fantasy (NERO, Alliance) since 2005 (with some breaks) and never rezzed. I knew it...
  12. meirya

    Official 2.0 start date and race change info

    I swear I read through it at least five times looking for something like that and didn’t see it. Ah well, minus points to me for reading comprehension I guess.
  13. meirya

    Official 2.0 start date and race change info

    So, just as an FYI, as a former player who took a hiatus for a couple years and is coming back... I'm trying to read up on Oathsworn to see about converting my barbarian character into oathsworn. I keep hearing mentions of a prosthetic or makeup, but can't find the makeup requirements by...
  14. meirya

    August Favorite Moments

    Miguel will add in the IBGA and feedback links soon, I'm sure, but just so people have the thread available right away... Favorite moments! What were your favorite moments and quotes of the event? Share below!
  15. meirya

    Makeup Advice Please?

    Seconding cold cream. It is MAGICAL. I use Mehron Paradise cake makeup, it smells nice and has lots of good stuff for your skin in it. Primer is great to put on after moisturizer and before makeup. It acts as a layer of protection for your skin and helps the makeup go on more smoothly too!
  16. meirya

    April Snow Consolation Party Favorite Moments and Quotes

    It was only an evening, but I still want favorite moments! There seemed to be a lot of great RP interactions happening. Mine: Puck's sullen crankiness whenever he saw the fire elemental I was playing. "Go back to your stars!" Fire poi! Whaaaat. How cool! "I should like to have both the...
  17. meirya

    Consolation Snow Party!

    What: Consolation party! Some IG action, some OOG hangout, doesn't count for XP or anything but may contain NPC roleplay encounters. Where: Liz and Jordan's house. Check the Alliance LARP Denver Facebook group for the address, or message me. When: Official Friday evening 6-6:30pm start. But...
  18. meirya

    Mages Guild of New Acarthia Meeting — April 416

    Mages of New Acarthia: The Mages Guild will meet at 11 bells on Friday night of the upcoming April Gathering in the guild hall. Feel free to bring drinks and treats to open our first Gathering of the year. We'll discuss the revised charter (with new reduced spell ink prices thanks to the...
  19. meirya

    Gobbies for goats

    Ashbury, I apologies regarding our goat-obsessed Denver players........ they have issues. It's partially our fault. We sold goats at 1am IG. Don't make our mistake. <_<
  20. meirya

    IBGAs After Mod Day?

    You are correct, go ahead and use the same form as for before mod day.