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  1. Ryft

    School assignment-help needed:When/how did you become interested in larp?

    I played D&D and other tabletop RPGs throughout high school (95-99), and was also active in Scouting at the time. An older former scout from my troop was active in the "NERO-Alliance Rochester" chapter from before we were called just Alliance, and helped arrange a recruitment activity at one of...
  2. Ryft

    Creating good looking and safe swords ! - material recommendations

    5/8" or more of closed cell polyethylene on striking surfaces is the gold standard for safety. I use open cell foam for thrusting tips, only. If you want to keep it from hitting too hard, I'd recommend keeping the weight down more than anything else. That includes a light weight core for longer...
  3. Ryft

    Help with this coin

    There's at least one PC in the northeast from that campaign setting that has been known to buy those off of people for more than face value. ;) Hurray for fantasy numismatics!
  4. Ryft

    plastic potion bottles

    Even with a repurchase to a larger size tube, hardly breaking the bank. 50 phys reps that actually look decent for under $10 is fantastic. I've seen lots of folks using smaller sized phys reps before, but generally the thicker plastic with clear plastic caps. Not great looking, at all...
  5. Ryft

    plastic potion bottles

    Got a few dozen of these on Ali Express... plastic with real corks, for a bargain price point. I'll try to dig up the link when I have a minute. Hoping to modify my leather archer's bracer to hold two brace or so of my common go-to potions. Edit...
  6. Ryft

    Looking at getting back into LARP

    Same avatar on Facebook as these forums if you run across me in one of the NH Facebook groups. Most chapters have a chapter group and then separate pages for each campaign that they run. That said, you're going to have a good time, regardless. Most of the PC personalities are pretty outgoing...
  7. Ryft

    Looking at getting back into LARP

    Yes, a lot of emphasis on the new rules was on call consistency. Little things like renaming "magic armor" to "weapon shield" in order to make it consistent with the already existing poison shield, elemental shield, etc. If you continue attending NH events next year, and are in the Videa...
  8. Ryft

    Looking at getting back into LARP

    Welcome! I got back into the hobby myself just a few years ago, after starting with NERO Alliance in the early 2000s. I never played on the NERO International side of the fence, but I did play when there still weren't that many differences between the two systems. I returned to find that...
  9. Ryft

    July 12 - July 14 Players List

    I just finished prelogisting through the CMA app. That thing is starting to get quite refined, but it really needs a way to do high magic and production stuff. Cass and I are really looking forward to seeing everyone again!
  10. Ryft

    May 2-5 opener favorites

    The hilarious ramshackle tent shared with my nethel. Sleeping on the ground and rather doing some honest camping for a change. Actually getting to mix it up in combat, which for me has previously been limited or even absent altogether some events. Actually getting treasure is likewise pretty...
  11. Ryft

    Moving Blanket/pad Gambeson

    I always found it discouraging to put tons of effort into a great looking armor like a padded gambeson, only to be "rewarded" with the worst possible armor value per location. This despite how tough such armor was, historically speaking.
  12. Ryft

    2019 Schedule

    With the announcement that Stormbreak is concluding early, does this mean that the balance of events will now be Ashbury events? I ask because, well, I already missed the season opener, and likely might miss June due to scheduling conflicts. July and August might allow me to attend some...
  13. Ryft

    Costuming questions!

    As a new player you also get a free do-over once, so if you arrive at your first event and decide you would rather be playing a slightly different race after the fact, that's absolutely accommodated. I've not seen it happen before, but I imagine they just sort of hand-wave it as a retcon so that...
  14. Ryft

    Setting acurate music?

    I've definitely seem acoustic guitar played fireside at one event, and someone at the Stormbreak campaign brought a sitar, so I think there's a little wiggle room.
  15. Ryft

    2018 Schedule

    Heard there were some event switches happening. Any idea if that's true and what the order of events is?
  16. Ryft

    Looking for foamsmiths

    If no one is able to help you out, I at least will have one that you could borrow. My craft is way inferior to the better foam smiths out there, though. I generally just know enough to get by for myself, rather than ever attempting anything complicated.
  17. Ryft

    Reminder: Winter Write-ups

    I'm assuming it's the link found at At least, that's where I sent mine. But thanks for doing these, Cole!
  18. Ryft

    Rogues of Alliance, how to be effective in combat?

    A lot of really good advice above. Ever watch Zombieland? Rule #1 is Cardio! Wear good boots and be capable of sprinting flat out for as long as possible. If you are fit you can actually be quite impressive in combat, even if you might only rate yourself, say average in a straight up sparring...
  19. Ryft

    Steel and Leather Armor Care Tips

    Almost any oil works for metal, since it doesn't actually absorb the oil. Mineral oil is probably the cleanest over time. Unless you want to smell like an auto shop next season, I don't recommend modern penetrating oils. Chain mail doesn't generally require oil, since it automatically scours...
  20. Ryft

    How to modify leather armor?

    Also what may be relevant isn't necessarily the torso length (though this could certainly be an issue) but also the chest-armor design. While more an issue with metal armor, leather can also be pretty stiff, depending on the thickness. It's often a good idea to have a design that incorporates...