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    I Miss Ward Keys

    I liked Ward Keys. Heh. And back when my gypsy was a lowbie and a brand newbie, she got to carry the Commoners Cabin ward key. I think it was because it was just amusing to here her activate it in the accent. "Word up!"
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    Ages - common knowledge or FOIG?

    Muahaha. See, I have that issue covered with my MWE. She doesn't know how old she really is. When she was found, they guessed. ;)
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    For East Coasters who remember BrightHawk...

    Yay Sandy! Yay Ali! Yay for spring babies.
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    gypsies and chivalry

    Kheri has tried many times to do what Glori has... and always ends up messing it up. But Glori still loves her. ;) And I'm still ticked, to this day, that I was dumb and naive enough (IG and Out) to be convicted of Conspiracy to hide/aid a necromancer. It is something, no matter what noble...
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    You know you've been doing Alliance a bunch when...

    Okay, those are the grossest energy drinks to date that I have tried. I'll just stick to Sobe Adrenaline Rush. Which is too bad, because they would make cool phys reps if they didn't cost so much for something I can't stomach.
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    Too bad the Lemming Mass Suicide phenomenon has been disproved. ;)
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    Bad economy

    Mmm.. I think the school system should be 100% Privatized. Let the people take over where the Government keeps messing up there. I bet we'd get better scores in 5 years with a privatized system. Sadly, the Governments "No child left behind" program is what is messing us up. Good intentions...
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    A ridiculous number of questions about races and species.

    What happens if you torture a Mystic Wood Elf until it becomes completely deranged? Wildescent. *nods*
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    Dark Elf hair

    Oh and you can use that white hair spray on long, dark hair. The first time I played a dark elf-like character (Mistress of the Hounds for Shane at NH) I did not have a wig. I sprayed all of my hair with the whitening spray then coated it, still wet, in baby powder. The baby powder actually...
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    New Word Game (Again)

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    REPO: The Genetic Opera

    Hm... I laughed all the way through American Psycho. Is it that kind of funny? Does he return videos a lot?
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    New Rule Book Comment Thread

    She rarely gets laughed at in game. It's was the out of game perspective. "You made a what? Now why would you do that when Earth Templars are more powerful and useful right away?" Though, I've always made my characters for rp purposes and not for powergaming. Celestial Templars are just...
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    New Rule Book Comment Thread

    You mean... my Celestial Templar won't be laughed at anymore?! Wooooo hoooo! I can't wait to see the new rulebook. :) <wonders if she made any of the pictures this time>
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    New Word Game (Again)

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    John Finnegan - The Best of Us All - Rest in Peace

    I had another dream about him recently. Many of the Alliance HQ attendee's from my first few years were present too. We were all sitting in the middle of the big field at Lindenmere on a gargantuan picnic blanket eating and talking and having fun. He was sitting with his back against one of...
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    New Word Game (Again)

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    Actually, the HQ dark elves keep themselves quite occupied and amused at all times. Their sense of humor is just... different. And then... stupid o'clock will hit and boy oh boy... you should see us then.
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    Our Newest Edition

    Yeah... the easiest way I can show the difference is in photos. Randall's parents have an American Chocolate Lab named Kodiak: This is Isis' dad, Maize: Her mom, Luna: Maize looks more like a "football player" and Kodiak is taller and skinnier, sleek. Luna is more in between, so the...
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    Long events are a bonus since the hubbs is in the military and they (usually) get those weekends off... unless he has duty and then I'll be a saaaaaaaaad panda.
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    Our Newest Edition

    Coming back to the US, we decided we wanted pets. Lots and lots of pets. Meet the first of them, Isis the English Labrador Retriever puppy. :) A little bit naughty and a whole lotta nice. There are currently 4 videos total, you can see them under...