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    Gathering Meeting

    Greeting to all members of Ikari's Hope, During the next Market, on Saturday during lunch we will be coming to meet and discuss the future of our home. Everyone is welcome to be part of this discussion. Signed, Lord Oliver MArch
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    Update on the Town

    The information in this book does continue to get updated. As I get the time to work out future blueprints I will continue to add buildings to this. - Lord Oliver
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    End of Season Event Name Challange

    Sorry for the Long wait everyone, without further ado And First goes to - Darkcrescent All other in no particular order: Dragonlord363 Venrick SirJohnnyB Shen [he/him] DeSylvia Congrats and thank you to everyone who participated! Please send your Name or Email so that we can make sure you get...
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    End of Season Event Name Challange

    Not yet, sorry been dealing with some health issues and will get this taken care of in the next few days.
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    End of Season Event Name Challange

    Throughout this season we have been very careful with each of our Event Names. So we are putting out a small challenge. Can you figure out the direct connection each Event Name had with each other from this Season? Rules are Simple. Send me a message with your Answer, If you wish to send a...
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    This Coming Market, November 10th-12th

    ((Oog note, this post was supposed to have been in the private post area where NPCs can't interact with it. And will be treated as such.))
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    November IBGA's

    Friendly Reminder that just over 2 weeks left. Don't wait to the last minute!
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    November IBGA's

    It is just for this cycle.
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    Unexpected Problem has arisen. - Oliver

    First, let me state that this is a problem I am happy that we have. With the original estimates on how much food we would get from our farm, our current food storage would have been suffice. It would have been tight, but not really an issue. First, the fertilizer that was used has offset the...
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    "Life at a Standstill"

    Just a friendly heads up about this event and next event. Anyone who activates a Boon for this event, it will carry over to the 2nd one day.
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    Alliance Rulebook 2.1 Draft for Player Review

    On page 14, under Wylderkin Disadvantages. It says Cost to buy Read Magic is doubled but every other race list it as Xp cost is doubled.
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    Traveling the Caves, new happenings.

    Greetings Honored Adventures, I have recently been travelling in the Caverns of Time and realized some interesting local changes. Currently the number of small spiders seems to be much lower then in recent times. The spiders that are around seem to be rather tranquil. It seems that nothing has...
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    Warning - Dangerous Sighting

    Please keep an eye out on your travels near town, to the East of town a young Spine Drake has been sighted. It seems to stay away from groups, so individuals in that area, please be careful. -Foreman Oliver
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    A Finely Made Letter Posted on the Board in the Tavern

    To all Brave Residents of Outpost: First, we would like to congratulate all of you for your hard work and much that has already been accomplished. While it was always understood that this expedition would pose some dangers and would be a great amount of hard work, the trials you have all...
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    Update on the Town

    Hi everyone, after compiling everything that has been placed in storage previously and what has been gathered recently, this is what we currently have. Current Town Supplies: Food: 511 - By end of month likely to be down to 390-400 left Construction Materials: 62 Building Materials: 35...
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    Town Supplies

    With the recent intruder entering our storehouse, I have been going over our stock of materials, and checked to see exactly what we have to work with. If there is anyone who has supplies tucked away that could get them to us, It would be greatly appreciated. We have just over a hundred citizens...
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    Various Vegetation Scraps Wanted

    I will ask for the people of the town to make sure to save what we can. Do we have a location for this to brought to as of yet? Or would we need to build something for this? Foreman Oliver
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    A Message From Foreman Oliver

    Posted inside the Tavern: Hey everyone, with the drastic change of plans on things since the travel from Bastion went wrong, new plans need to be made. Currently we have been able to make a number of buildings to help the town, and I know some people have plans for the future already in mind...
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    Viktor Hook

    Thank you Shen, as I was going to take the time away from my preparations to explain these. Also, to note I believe with the actions we have already taken has limited his growth in power. With the destruction of all of his "lich bits", while in his plan, some were destroyed before they could do...
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    Viktor Hook

    Sorry I have not had time to comment on here, I have been spending all my time either helping in the fight against the undead or preparing to cast a large ritual. While some of my family have done great harm, do not think we all have. I have spent more years healing and caring for all the...