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  1. Darkcrescent

    Rumors Around Gavaria April 524

    -I keep hearing from all of the merchants I talk to that there is a festival coming up near the floating city! It sure does sound like a fun time. -Those creepy dolls at the college never seem to be in the same place twice. -Spring has sprung, that means that its migration time! Be on the...
  2. Darkcrescent

    Fabulous Friends for Common Coin (Raffle)

    If you mean sharing my secrets freely to someone Ive never met before? No. If you want to provide a trinket or form for a future build-a-buddy then absolutely! I don’t dabble in Alchemy, just Magic and Tinkering. If you want to learn a bit of the process from an outside perspective you can ask...
  3. Darkcrescent

    A Message Across Gavaria - An Old Threat Rises

    Citizens of Gavaria, 300 years ago thousands lost their lives fighting a foe the likes we had never seen before. Over 5 long years Gavaria fought against the Strigoi and with Dame Donaldson's last push we believed the threat was over. Since then there have been no reported sightings of Strigoi...
  4. Darkcrescent

    Fabulous Friends for Common Coin (Raffle)

    I haven't made him yet.... Also you adventurers own at least a dozen of my familiars already. I make friends. That's what I do. I make friends and send them to find a proper owner. It just so happens that whoever gets to be Sunny's new friend gets to determine what 3 ritual effects go on him...
  5. Darkcrescent

    Fabulous Friends for Common Coin (Raffle)

    Baroness, Half the fun is only finding out what magical properties they contain the day of! However, as a hint, I will say Sunny the Golden Bear knows how to make ones desires come true, for a mere 2g an entry. - Delilah
  6. Darkcrescent

    A Splendid Discovery

    I believe there are so much of this peninsula we don't know that the discoveries yet to be made are vast! -Hiram
  7. Darkcrescent

    A Splendid Discovery

    Adventurers of Atupal, My name is Hiram McMillon and I am a treasure hun....archeologist of things ancient and old. Now, after spending quite a bit of time looking at old marking around Atupal I have discovered something that appear to be a tomb, or complex under Atupal. Well, not on and under...
  8. Darkcrescent

    Fabulous Friends for Common Coin (Raffle)

    Greetings! The Spring Festival is a perfect time for Merchants and travelers with coin to take part in a wonderful opportunity. I am in need of raw Copper, Silver and Gold, via coins to melt down and I have 3 unique Familiars looking for new homes. So, what are the prizes? I can tell you they...
  9. Darkcrescent

    Evodia Season 5: Tides of Chaos - Where Dragons Rule

    $75 with pre teg and pre pay $90 if after that period ends
  10. Darkcrescent

    An introduction and invitation

    Im really enjoying the building of Atupal. Glad I moved away from Skain. Seems we have alcohol and caffeine; the two things every inventor needs! Also if ya need a friend, Im selling friends for coppers and silver. Delilah of D&DDD
  11. Darkcrescent

    This Coming Market, March 29th

    I think the main thing was willfully. So don’t willfully do it. Problem solved. Now, are we talking death or resurrection? Also how much in worldly possessions? Maiev
  12. Darkcrescent

    Gavaria March 2024 Favorites!

    After a week to process everything I'm glad. those that came out enjoyed themselves! Here are my favorites: - Reveal of the Kitsune and the rp that went along with it. It was an ambitious creation and I'm glad it came together so well. - Impromptu storyline with Flemberg of bandits, bite marks...
  13. Darkcrescent

    Break-In Report and a Request for the Adventurers

    Zenia, I ask certainly ask Summer next I see them, which I imagine won't be too long as I am their Knight. Cass
  14. Darkcrescent

    Permanent Celestial Circle of Power, Vampire Script

    I found one by a bit of luck and a magical piece of paper from some guy named Lore. Asher
  15. Darkcrescent

    Permanent Celestial Circle of Power, Vampire Script

    My distillery and tavern in Rooks Alley are owned by me via a deed. I likely will have permanent property in Whitehaven if I can deliver proper payment from my time laying a foundation for a Sorsha District. That said, I believe our future will be in Whitehaven; as to when is anyones guess. Asher
  16. Darkcrescent

    Break-In Report and a Request for the Adventurers

    Perhaps I misheard, but Dragon Orbs are created once a dragon uses dragon magic. Their memories/emotions are lost and materializes into these orbs. Thus Dragon Magic is so taxing. As to a cure, yeah, that’s beyond my expertise. Cass
  17. Darkcrescent

    Break-In Report and a Request for the Adventurers

    Do we know if its possible to return these memories/emotions to the Dragons? Given what we know, we could return them if their dragon still lives. Talon Knight Cass Marshal under Summer
  18. Darkcrescent

    Gavaria April 2024 IBGA

    All Players will be able to submit an In-Between Game Action (IBGA) for the Gavaria Campaign. All Chicago IBGAs consist of one Primary Action and up to three Upkeep Action relating to any Renown Paths you are involved with. Submit your IBGA here Every player...
  19. Darkcrescent

    Gavaria Opener PEL

    Thanks for a great Gavaria Opener. On behalf of the G-team Plot Staff we hope you enjoyed it. Please consider filling out Post Event Feedback and you'll get 30 gobbies as well! PCs: NPCs:
  20. Darkcrescent

    The Power of the Sun in the Palm of Your Hands

    Greetings, I will be in before lunchtime, I know, quite late for me, and I could use assistance from those with Earthen Knowledge to help perfect something I've been working on. It's just a small tiny little thing. I've been tasked by her Majesty to continue my research for the betterment of...