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    John Finnegan - The Best of Us All - Rest in Peace

    This is taken from an e-mail from John...thought I could share.. From John Finnegan "Some of my favorites: What Shall We Do Now? (cedits:) What shall we do to fill the empty spaces Where waves of hunger roar? Shall we set out across the sea of faces In search of more and more applause...
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    John Finnegan - The Best of Us All - Rest in Peace

    John I can't use words to sum up how I feel. I miss you everyday. I still jump when the phone rings in the afternoon thinking its you calling me on your way home from work so we can chat. All of your words of wisdom and advice that you gave to me about life I will cherish forever. You were my...
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    Linkmaster wanted

    If your interested shoot me an e-mail that goes for everyone i would love to see this thing get off the ground. -Renee
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    National Event 2010!!

    All of the chapters are invited to participate. There is no obligation for any chapter to participate though.If they are interested in getting information about it they can contact Paul or myself to get them started. -Renee
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    National Event 2010!!

    Paul is doing an awesome job so far and he deserves all of your support and congratulations. I just wanted to say congrats to him again. He is going to make this event one to remember. So try really hard to come out to it everyone! We will be posting updates as soon as we have them so everyone...
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    National Event 2010!!

    Hello Everyone! I would like to announce our new Head of National Plot, Paul Foisy. Paul was on the Alliance Plot Committee last year and helped run a great event with Brian at the helm and now its his turn to take on the responsibility of making the next National event amazing. I have every...
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    Nobles of Fortannis Ally!

    Nobles of Fortannis Ally! Written by Terisha the Seer these are the accounts of Imi Al’Dao and the teachings of Athandril the Comet-Rider Present this August Night of the 10th in the mists, answering the call stood Count Sir Tolliver Justicar, a Stone Elf of the Kingdom of Arandin...
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    The Scott Kondrk appreciation thread

    I appreciate you Scott! :) -Renee
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    national logistics -Renee Alliance Chairperson
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    Alliance Events Google Calendar

    love it! -Renee
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    Anyone heard from Roy Booth (Owner North MN)

    I will try to find out some information for you.I know his wife had the baby in the beginning of the year he may be busy with that. -Renee Iovino Alliance Chairperson
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    Spirit Forge PDF documents/excel spreadsheet

    Below is a link to two different character worksheets that were created by players and sent to me. One is a PDF document that will be made available in most logistics that you can print out and bring with you to the event to save time. There is a worksheet for each class. Accompanying this is...
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    New Rule Book Comment Thread

    So do I. That was e-mailed in from a player, I believe Ray Roberge. There were a lot of player contributions that made it into the rulebook, most notably would be High Magic itself and skills under the High Magic chart. Just the addition of High Magic to the game is noteworthy, I think. Artisans...
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    Welcome Catskills!

    Congrats! Can't wait to come pc/npc there. :D -Renee
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    Dryad Race packet needs your help!!

    Actually it should say 2 per location I changed so many times :roll:
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    Dryad Race packet needs your help!!

    Hey Everyone, We are looking for some artists that have time to do a few sketches of the new dryad race. These black and white drawings will be used in the national dryad race packet. Please submit your sketches to Mike V or myself so that we can get them into the race packet ASAP. We really...
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    Can a liquid be ritually enchanted?

    From ARC : No, a liquid can not be the physical target of a ritual / ritually enchanted -Renee Iovino Alliance Chair
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    Welcome Southern Minnesota!

    Congrats Dave!
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    Dragon stamps

    The math on that chart is old, it also used to say shield magic . This is the correct formular to use... Formula... 1 year items---- Spell level x 2 x uses 5 year items--- Spell level x 2 x use x 2.5
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    Dragon stamps

    Just about everything you need to know about dragon stamps is posted here viewtopic.php?f=50&t=2026 including the e-mail addresses of who to contact. If you have any other questions that aren't answered in that thread just send me an e-mail and I will answer them for you. -Renee