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  1. Roff

    Can claws thrust?

    Can claws thrust if built with thrusting tips?
  2. Roff

    Resolved Explosive trap, Resist Shatter.

    Is this ruling on explosive traps and Resist Shatter ritual correct? 2.1 RB pg. 87 “Sealed containers will not protect items from explosions unless the container itself resists the Shatter effect.” Resist Shatter Ritual: “The Resist Shatter Ritual allows the bearer of the Ritual Target to...
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    Rules on Carrying a body

    Answering as an Owner from Minnesota: Pg.24 of ARB 2.1 states “There are some effects which will specifically work on a dead body; these include Life, Create Undead, and Corrupt. There are some potent Ritual magic effects which will also target a spirit specifically and will thus work on a live...
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    Guest Event Request for Proposals

    Hello Friends, After the completion of our first season and by requests across our initial season, MN Alliance is ready to provide its first opportunity for a guest plot event for our Aug 9-11 event slot at Fred C in Swanson & Valleyview. For those who have not experienced a guest plot event...
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    2024 Event No-Show/Cancellation Policy

    If you register, pay for an event, and need to cancel your registration for any reason, you will receive a full refund of your event fees. If you fail to notify staff of your cancellation before the preregistration deadline, the next Alliance Minnesota event that you attend will cost the...
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    (Concluded) Alliance Minnesota 2024 - Season Opener Fundraiser

    Welcome back friends of Alliance LARP Minnesota! We thank you for supporting our game this past season, and we at Alliance Minnesota are excited to announce our Season 2 Fundraiser seeking financial support to continue to improve and expand our game. As many of you know, NPC camp is an...
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    2024 Season Pass Details

    The Fight Continues, On behalf of the Alliance Minnesota staff, we are excited to offer the 2024 Season pass options below. PC Season Pass Options: $540 - PC All-In Season Pass (1 Event FREE + Membership Included!) 2024 Alliance Minnesota Membership PC Fees for All seven Alliance...
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    2024 Schedule - Evodia Season 5: Tides of Chaos

    Nathan and I are excited to announce Alliance Minnesota's 2024 season schedule. The 2024 season will continue the story of Evodia and throughout new land recently unearthed! Our season will cover seven full weekend events this year, one of which is a 3 three day! April 26-28 Fred C- Swanson &...
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    Seeking services

    A letter with a blue wax seal pinned to the board in the husky tavern Adventure merchants of errebella. I come to you today hearing of your pursuit of freedom, justice and calls to helping those who seek aid. I am in great need of securement of a merchant or merchanting company in order to...
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    Desecrate wording significantly changed the rules

    Desecrate does not eliminate the use of game skills only skills involving using hands for example I can still dodge, evade and Hm cloak which this now prevents.
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    Alliance Rulebook 2.1 Draft 5

    Alliance rule book 2.04 pg 40
  12. Roff

    Alliance Rulebook 2.1 Draft 5

    Is it intentional to no longer require players to pay in silver to silver a weapon?
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    Minnesota Recruitment Policy - 2023 Season

    Minnesota is excited to announce our new recruitment policy for the 2023 season! As we continue to grow our chapter, we want to meaningfully recognize and reward our players for supporting this goal. As such, we are excited to offer the following incentives for recruiting new players to our...
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    Alliance Rulebook 2.1 Draft for Player Review

    Could we potentially bold or underline the name of each ritual manipulation on the ritual manipulation list it’s just hard to find and gets lost in the wall of text. Pg 72-72
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    Event Thread: Evodia Season 4 - Expanding Horizons - Of Blight and Dryads

    nope your good we have recieved yours!
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    Chapter Policies

    Health Form & Release and Waiver A Health Form and Release and Waiver must be filled out and submitted to the Minnesota Alliance LARP staff by every player before they may participate as either a PC or NPC. Forms will be available to fill out at Logistics at each event. Membership Policies Each...
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    Goblin Stamp Reward List

    Standard Goblin Stamp Purchases: Reward: Cost (in MN GS): Monthly XP Blanket 30 Event Buyback (90 day window to purchase) 30/day Production Item(s) 50 Max/day spent, 5 GS:1 Crafting Material Skill Sell Back (1/mo, per character) 60 Random LCO Reagent 50 Specific LCO Reagent 100...
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    New Year, New Season, New Start, Initial Fundraiser! [CLOSED]

    Hello friends of Alliance LARP Minnesota! We at Alliance Minnesota are reaching out today seeking financial support for a series of important projects for our community. As many of you know, NPC camp is an essential part of the LARP experience, providing weapons, costuming, and props to our...
  19. Roff

    2023 Season

    We are actively working with our camps to come to a finalization on our schedule it is a harder process then I could of ever imagined but we are slowly locking in out sites and dates and I am confident we will get a good set of dates out shortly!