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  1. Matthew Mendoza

    Armoured Hood

    I have a leather hood, it counts for soft leather. So yeah, but it depends on what your hood is made out of.
  2. Matthew Mendoza

    Maelstrom Event 07/-15-17/16

    I'll have to look but I think I have extra tents that I can bring. Other wise I should think that if there are not enough tents then there will be sleeping space in tents.
  3. Matthew Mendoza

    Buying Eva foam

    Where is a good place to go and buy Eva foam or order it online?
  4. Matthew Mendoza

    hi, when and how to prereg

    Great! Thanks for the info, Tulbor and Inaryn.
  5. Matthew Mendoza

    hi, when and how to prereg

    22 views and no one knows how to prereg as an NPC? ok... I'll just keep waiting. lol
  6. Matthew Mendoza

    hi, when and how to prereg

    Hi My name is Matt. I plan on bringing at least 4 other people who have never played Alliance before to the July event and we are all going to NPC. So that they can get a feel for the game and the other players and such. I've seen pictures of kids in game... is that an acceptable thing here at...
  7. Matthew Mendoza

    Latex Spell Book

    this sounds like a project i'd like to try to make. unless you already made it and if so, i'd like to see pics. I'm pretty sure I'll be stopping by SF for the weekend in July 2016. PM me if you'd like to collaborate on it before that time.
  8. Matthew Mendoza

    Makeup Advice Please?

    I think that was worth well over a buck eighty two :)
  9. Matthew Mendoza

    Makeup Advice Please?

    My wife is extremely sensitive when it comes to anything she puts on her skin: shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, perfume, make up, etc. There are only certain brands her skin can tolerate, otherwise she breaks out in hives. She uses Mary K make up for her character. It apparently most of it is...
  10. Matthew Mendoza

    Hobbling help

    I would like to say that I have seen a hobbling at hq that had long side burns... So much so that I thought he was a dwarf... And I heard other people refer to him as a dwobbling. But yeah, ask your local chapter I'm sure they'd work with you.
  11. Matthew Mendoza

    leather axe handle

    If you want to just have leather on there for looks or for weight balance, then you could do a butt stitch with one rectangle piece of leather. Which you could stamp designs in and such. Here's some pics from a book I have. It's for making a dice cup, but the principal is the same, just adjust...
  12. Matthew Mendoza

    Exotic Wylderkin Costuming

    the mayfly sounds better to play as a recurring NPC played by the same person. just my opinion... I have a raccoon-kin myself, but I went through a slew of ideas before i decided on that one...
  13. Matthew Mendoza


    Ok so I got distracted by other projects that I needed to finish around the house so I haven't been able to work on the claw I was talking about until this week... And it is not done yet. But here is an in progress pic.
  14. Matthew Mendoza

    Medieval Helm - Steel and Brass $50

    Did you get it for Alto, or he didn't repond? Maybe you should pm him.... But you probably already thought of that.
  15. Matthew Mendoza

    Impromptu Armor for newbies?

    Oh I gotcha. Great!
  16. Matthew Mendoza

    Impromptu Armor for newbies?

    Is thick plastic allowed as armor? If so which category does it fall in for armor points? You can get a pack of leather scraps at Joanne's or Michael's and it usually comes with a few large pieces that you can use as bracers. And if you don't want to sew it then you can just use those leather...
  17. Matthew Mendoza


    Yeah well, if it turns out ok then I might take commissions and you can have whatever finger you wish be the blade(although I would get chapter approval first, just in case they think it might offend someone). I had already thought of making a dagger sized claw of the pinky finger too.
  18. Matthew Mendoza


    I'm working on a claw for my kin that the guard and pommel look like a fist with the bottom of the blade being the index finger, with the claw making up the rest of the blade. When I have it more done sometime this week I'll post a pic.
  19. Matthew Mendoza

    Where am I?

    Hello Ny'rani. Nice to meet you. I will be careful. I don't know why but it seems I am not noticeable by many folk. Valim the master dwarf has jumped a few times when I went to ask him about something. He then asks me where I came from? But he knows that I came from the forest... So I don't...