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  1. Storyteller_Mlezi

    "Being Able to Speak Doesn't Make You Intelligent"

    Its about that time. Hopeing to catch you all while it is fresh in your minds. Your feed back is incredible important to our continued improvement.
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    Vitalis, Meltith and the curses related.

    Good day fellow adventurer's, Over The winter i have been looking to Vitalis and helping find answers regarding the curses. I returned with a large dump of information. So I have compiled my notes on what i have so far. I will have physical copies for those that are interested in the...
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    A World to Rebuild

    Thank you all for a great season. It's really important to us to get feedback so we can make adjustments.
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    November-Season Closer Favorites

    I had a decent event. It was nice to spend time with friends and see new faces. - The ever impatient cave. Learn some patience. (JK but the "let's play a game" was enjoyable. Quiet a noodle breaker but fun) -Good morning and oh F***. The early morning wanderings of Riqi, frey and kat that...
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    Gavaria Oct Event Favorites

    Honest compliments to everyone this weekend. First event in a while i felt busy enough. Had a blast and have a good idea of where Kat's place may be for gavaria. - Booping calwin Green out of existance. -drippy carbunlkles(sp) from a corrupted tree. -teaching the adorable baby dragon...
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    "Hold On"

    Its that time again. Staff would love to hear your feedback on this most recent event. Can't wait to see you all again in November.
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    "Hold On"

    Hey folks, event will be upon us quicker then you think. As a reminder we are past playtest. You must be playing the card you have in the cma, unless you have reached out with a need for med forge for the event. Remember to get those character cards in the system. See yall real soon.
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    As always Staff would love to hear your feedback on this past event. Can't wait to see you all again at the next one.
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    "Life at a Standstill" Looking forward to hearing your feedback so may continue improving our games.
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    "Discarded Tales"

    @everyone Event now Over We would love to hear your feed back so we may keep growing as a game.
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    November 2022 Closer

    It's time. We really want to hear all your feedback about this event and any other things you would like to pass along to our staff team. Can't wait to see ou all next season. And keep an ear out for future postings about things regarding our chapter...
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    "Every Turn, a Surprise"

    Here is the Feedback form for this last event. Please take a moment to give feedback to us as it is very important for our team to keep up an awesome game for you all. Also attached...
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    October 14th Favorites

    Gonna start this off so I don't lose the list of things I have in my head. While I had to miss a good chunk of the initial event due to work, it was a blast otherwise. I have been caught in a flux of not knowing if Kat was up to return to adventuring in new lands. So here we go with some of my...
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    A return to the Adventuring Community

    Hello fellow adventurers and old friends, I am Guardian Kathrina Taliss, some of you have known me for quite some years others are folks I hope to meet and get to know. A while back Pradimar was made safe, my home town Old Hearth made safe. To know my people for once in my life were finally...
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    Aid to the Passwall Campaign

    Lorelei, It seems My return to the adventuring community in this relative area is timed well. I am not the fighter I once was but I will be ready to help deal with the new lands in which we adventure's undead problems. May the best days be upon you in all matters you attend to. -Guardian...
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    Hook Finale Favorites

    So I am sure there is a bunch but my brain is a little fried on remembering them all. MASSIVE kudos to Sid for making my event with getting one of if not the last needed downing of the butler. It absolutely made my weekend to watch the butler soak a spell strike Life and crumble at that point...
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    Names & Faces

    Out of Game: Sol (He/They) In-Game: Katrina Taliss(She/They) [pictured] sylvnborn Earthen Spellsword, Valkyrie TransFem Selunari Fighter(she/her) [not pictured]
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    The Old Hearth is lit

    Goodman Lighting, I can not thank you enough for getting that lit. I will absolutely be making sure that the fire never goes out again. Heavens knows I didn't even remember hearing stories of one being there when I was growing up. But I am sure a lot of it was lost to the ages especially after...
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    November 15-17 favorites

    Okay so my brain is slightly broken and I am trying to pull things back together. So favorites in no particular order. -Oh good grief, the numbers. I actually was kinda worried but it was still extremely enjoyable -Goblin fights....(I was not having a great Friday night but it definitely set a...
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    [.11] Poll : Reworking Resurrection

    Relatively newer player here(I have been playing the last 4ish years) I want to put in a bit of my two cents. Within my first 2 years I saw the inside of the circle for a resurrection 4 times. I don't regret a single one. It was the risk of being an adventurer. The level of rp that I have...