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  1. David Pettingill

    September 17 favorite moments!

    Starting off with my absolute favorite part of the weekend, the Siren caves. Oh my, thank you Trace for giving the part of Sirens to Sierra and I! It was amazing! And a HUGE thank you to EVERYONE who participated on this mod! I loved interacting with all of you guys. Especially the two guys...
  2. David Pettingill

    May favored moments!

    NPCs can have favorite moments too, right? Well, first and foremost was Rosemary. Thank you Sierra, David, Quinton, and especially Wulfric (sorry I don't know your name oog) for making that roleplay a blast! Honestly, that was probably my favorite character and I hope she makes a comeback soon...
  3. David Pettingill

    Unique Advertising Opportunity

    This sounds great! Hopefully I'll be able to come!
  4. David Pettingill

    October Event things

    Will NPCs be able to attend the market?
  5. David Pettingill

    Acarthia (Denver) Maps

    Thank you!!
  6. David Pettingill

    Acarthia (Denver) Maps

    What are the colors for each Barony?
  7. David Pettingill

    August 2016 Logistical Needs

    How much is the membership renewal?
  8. David Pettingill

    Wylderkin Backstory Questions

    Thanks so much!
  9. David Pettingill

    Wylderkin Backstory Questions

    So I'm playing as an owlkin and I'm a bit confused about the back stories. I've read the race packet about seven times through and it doesn't really have anything to go off of. I mean I've played as a dryad before and the race packet gives information on how they live and their different groups...
  10. David Pettingill

    November 415 Favorite Moments and Feedback Thread!

    Definitely being Vampire Bunnies. That was one of my favorite parts.
  11. David Pettingill

    Knock knock! Who's there? Not David! (Currently gone for the moment until he returns from his...

    Knock knock! Who's there? Not David! (Currently gone for the moment until he returns from his adventures.)