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    Here's hoping for a ward

    Amyr, I don’t think we’ve had the pleasure of meeting, but if you are willing to cast another Ward, I would be most appreciative of one. I would be more than happy to trade in goods or services as appropriate. You seem like a native to the area, I’d love to share a mug of cocoa and learn...
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    Alliance LARP NH 2022 Event Schedule

    What are the expected start and end times for the one days?
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    Flaws & Backlashes pg. 13

    My understanding is that the intention is to provide two “versions” of a similar flaw- one for the item if the ritual creates an item, one for the caster if it doesn’t. Under the current flaw system, some flaws just don’t matter because they impact an item made by a non-item ritual (example-...
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    AWY Consolidated 2.1 Questions/Concerns List

    One other thing to keep in mind re: alchemy is that it is not an “in a vacuum” thing as has been said. Right now, there are a lot of monsters with immunity or significant resistance to poison. Some (undead, elementals) are flavor, others are game balance. When enough characters have alchemy...
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    AWY Consolidated 2.1 Questions/Concerns List

    The relative strength of Alchemy 3 has long been known to be a problem, and there have been any number of thoughts on how to fix it over the years (“throw only what you can make” being the most common), but none have been a consensus. The new proposed model fixes that by letting people with...
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    New Footwear

    How physically do you play the game? While a good pair of period boots are great costume, actual sport footgear can be a huge boon. I personally swear by my Bates tactical boots, but many other paintball/generic sport boots come in basic black.
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    Using Camp Mat for Brig or Wisby Plate

    Camp pad and canvas is just that. Put some rigid material (thin plasticard?) or use cloth designed to look metallic, or dip and paint in a manner that will survive combat, totally different conversation.
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    Acceptable Channeling Sources?

    I would also be careful about the bracelet. The rules require the source be held in your hand, not just on/near it. Depending on how it is built, this may be inconvenient/impossible (big hoop that you can shake down from your forearm into your hand- cool; tight clasp that would require removal...
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    Strengthen Spirit & clarifications about when it expires

    You may have a typo on your scroll. It is an instantaneous ritual.
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    The End and Current Condition of Caldaria

    Everyone, As most people know, the CT game has had no events for some time and the chapter is no longer operational. We have had the opportunity to resolve some portions of the story and give players still actively playing the game varying degrees of closure in other chapters, but we wanted to...
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    A Call to Arms from the Order of the Gryphon

    As many citizens have noted, the Fae Mists seem unusually potent of late. While many of the kingdom's adventurers and heroes are making their way to the edge of the former Contested Lands and the town of Fairdale, the Mists seem to be converging in "nearby" Elindil. It is unclear what would...
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    Closer Announcements (updated 10/6/19)

    Please review this post periodically; the date of the last update should be in the title). As we get closer to the season and campaign closer, and as the Plot Team finishes deciding on how to respond to recent character actions (and inactions), we wanted to take a few minutes and share some...
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    Resolved Florentine Change?

    Yes, this was intentional.
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    From the Order of the Foundation

    Further update from the Order- Travel at night in the area around Shadowkeep should be limited to those capable of defending themselves. Large bands of roving undead have been in the area. Many of the remaining encampments in the area have been hastily abandoned in the last several hours...
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    September Ashbury Event- Player Notice (revised Wednesday- new information)

    ... and one more addition- As posted on the IG boards, this event will be based out of an old farmstead hastily recovered from the vegetation. Most players will have discretion re: when their characters arrive between now and the event. Should players wish to come IG after game on (ie- not...
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    From the Order of the Foundation

    In response to the declaration of the Geist, the Order of the Foundation is hastening efforts to reclaim a safe staging point near Shadowkeep. Efforts were already underway (as the reawakening of the Watchstones was expected to continue). To the extent that local guides may be available...
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    September Ashbury Event- Player Notice (revised Wednesday- new information)

    1) If you are attending the event and your attending character is in possession of any Caldaria (CT) permanent or artifact level magic items (Guardian Amulet, the First Spellbook, etc), I encourage you to bring the reps and any tags (even unconverted pre-2.0 tags). Similarly, if you had...
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    Resolved Create Trap Requirements

    “Set or throw”- where are you getting Disarm?
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    Item Conversion Questions

    Yes, item is a valid target.
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    Hq June event Pre Reg.

    He won’t be alone. Plot Goon reporting for duty!