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  1. Jaerc

    Members of Alliance

    As there was some talk about filling policy: which National Staff positions are currently open? No rush in the answer.
  2. Jaerc

    Members of Alliance

    As some one who loves to read the lore and procedures of games near and distant, it would reassuring, in this time of animus, to hear that posted content will not be removed for the forum. I would hate to wake up one day and not be able to check out cool stuff. Is a public agreement to not...
  3. Jaerc

    Members of Alliance

    What chapter(s) do you play in? Best wishes with a challenging time!
  4. Jaerc

    Members of Alliance

    How can National Customer Service be contacted?
  5. Jaerc

    Choose Our Regent

    Replies welcome through tomorrow around noon.
  6. Jaerc

    Choose Our Regent

    An In Game Message, distributed by word and voice through the realm from Acting Lord Xi'gaze T'sere: Make your voice heard about who will rule over you in a highly unusual opportunity with a monarchy! Before the tragedy, King Malidor Ironbeard's last command was to have the local Council...
  7. Jaerc

    Mod Signups - Now to End of Acarthian Campaign

    Marley playing Xi'gaze the stone elf Wizard for the True Name run. Would like a 24 heads up on when it would happen.
  8. Jaerc

    Laws of Dragonhold

    Laws of Dragonhold Aetheria Year: 420 Laws of State The rights and obligations depicted within this document apply to all within the borders of Dragonhold, irrespective of national or racial origin. We stand or fall as a unified society. Citizenship Rights All Citizens of the Realm have the...
  9. Jaerc

    Laws of Dragonhold

    Greeting to one and all — His Majesty, King Malidor Ironbeard has ratified these Laws as written by the Dragonhold Council of Fort Alliance. They will apply throughout the Kingdom of Dragonhold. There is a grace period of forty five days from this posting on 9/29/420 to obtain from the...
  10. Jaerc

    Territory Information for Players

    Back-up versions This is mostly gazetteer information written in 2017 by the Plot Team and released to help us know the Shard of Aetheria (which is the IG setting for our Events) and a part of the wider world of Fortannis. While bits and pieces of this are reasonable for any character to know...
  11. Jaerc

    Dragonhold Council

    The Dragonhold Council has reviewed testimony from the Winter Moot and taken other feedback on the Laws that have been commised by our hand from His Majesty. We have consulted myriad folks from our community and beyond and are pleased to announce that the Laws of Dragonhold have been internally...
  12. Jaerc

    Scroll Traps and Eldritch Force Spells

    Alex, I just wanted you to know that the Production Skills and by extension Traps are being revised by the National Crafting Committee and we have seen your ideas.
  13. Jaerc

    Warder Glyph Target

    Some facts: Transfer Enchament [sic] says: . In conjunction with what you have mentioned suggests that Item (Any) *must* be legacy text or a data entry mistype. For reference Warday Glyph describes itself thus I feel it is obvious the sixes refer to inches but if Warden Glyph warrants a...
  14. Jaerc

    Reaching out

    Hello, I can not speak to an average time in these most unusual of days. Our Logisitics guy is on vacation, but I've reached out to the Owner for you and we should have the matter handled in the next 48 hours. Thank you for contacting us!
  15. Jaerc

    Hello there!

    Hello. It's me, Marley. Thanks fo much for reaching out. Apologies for the conflicting dates on our end and no worries — I'm glad you've been giving your players a good way to pass the time. Our last online event of the season is the 27th of this month. I'll hope to make a future Tavern Night...
  16. Jaerc

    In-game library

    I am deeply interested in the results of this. I wish I had content to contribute.
  17. Jaerc

    Resolute and killing blow

    Agreed with the above poster who explain why the text doesn't support Resolute being used vs KB. I would not be opposed to an LCO Ritual Backlash, Monster Ability or Artifact that allowed one to Resolute a KB specifically, but I think the design space is is not very supportive to the player...
  18. Jaerc

    2020 Summer Season & The Virus

  19. Jaerc

    Tomorrow's Matter of Morality

    Posted exclusively around the Secret Outpost in Solus "Tomorrow's Matter of Morality" The wise elf Iodecrus and I will be leading a debate about what to do with the two Amphorae of Dragon's Breath, a substance that destroys everything it touches. Each of us will need a team of aides de camp...
  20. Jaerc

    That one thing you bought.

    Climbing clip to secure water container. Much less dehydration.