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    September Event Review 2018

    1 The Cat Vs Sarr in the dark 2 Less oh this is useless in game more i wonder what kind of Rp interactions this may have 3 /\ 5 Being able to soak up alot of damage and keep going 6 The touch cast enchantments are pretty useless if you are hit with a few specific effects and sometimes the speed...
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    WEEKEND REVIEW: "The Gambit" (JULY 2017)

    1. Favorites As its pop'ed up twice now and now a third Deck of many things. Getting to be a Crazed PTSD wild elf during my time as an npc for the wild hunters. Licking the strange dream jellyfish thing.... and then forgetting why i have the taste of sadness and vomit in my mouth followed by...
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    Wedding RSVP

    Talon will be around unless a squirrel shows up to steal food or other things going on.
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    EVENT REVIEW: The Dungeon Run - "Blood in the Streets" (April 2017)

    1.Favorite moment getting to shoot the first run group with nerf guns as arrow traps. 2 Less favorite moment Uhhhhhh nothing 3. More of I honestly don't mind if ppl try and screw with me so go for it 4 Moment from character Having sight removed was not new to talon he kept himself calm and...
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    Dungeon Run Teams

    Edited No longer leading one
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    The Dancing Dagger Taphouse

    "I will keep that in mind." Makeing a bit of a remark to lighten the mood a bit "Though loseing my tail would be a bit painful." talon looked around a bit to make sure there were no others that seem to have followed. "I should mention i have a list of nobles and fellow ex breachers the sect...
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    The Dancing Dagger Taphouse

    "I am assuming you called me here for a full report on what happend" Talon adjusted a little still getting used to having a tail. "I did what i could to keep the bloodshed minimal but some people are just unpredictable."
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    The Dancing Dagger Taphouse

    Arriving earlier than was written on the note Talon enters through the main door. He orders a drink and goes to find a seat not recognizing anyone exactly yet.
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    Stig enters the enclave

    After getting stig what he was looking for Talon goes to head out. Making sure things are locked he turns to stig "I got someplace i need to go. I hope what your planing goes well"
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    Stig enters the enclave

    "Alright never mind my note then." Talon turns to lead the way back to wear he was staying.
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    Stig enters the enclave

    The abrupt stop winded talon a bit. His mind went to the box of azirs stuff.... remembering that he could have looked through some of that at some point. "ok what do you need from there" i can probably get it.
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    Stig enters the enclave

    Walking down one of the corridors about to go out and do some things talon hears Stig before the receptionist can respond talon Writes up a quick note. Knowing he wants to talk Talon makes it quick handing him the note before heading out the door.
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    EVENT REVIEW: The Masquerade - A Change of Pace (Feb 2017)

    1. Ok whear to start here.... -the tunic/pants gwen made me -Asking people to help me break some people out of prison -Succeeding with no one dieing (guards included dunno if I am going to regret that or not yet) -Disappearing for 2 hrs for things -things being race change.... -Showing up and...
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    EVENT REVIEW: "From the Ashes" - December 2016 (Tavern)

    1. Same as ruki there ALOT of fun -being compleatly stumped on a situation that involved questionable activitys -geting involved in diffrent questionable activits -order elemental.... those who where their know what i mean. -more hunter stuffs. -head injurys (not actual ones this time) 2...
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    Seeking advice on matters of some import

    Talon gives Zanthia a light bow and hands her the note. (i have no clue whats written on it brian knows that) "Things went badly out there. All i can realy say."
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    Seeking advice on matters of some import

    Talon following in heads to the front desk. "I need a room for Aezir to stay in... Also to put his stuff there. I also have a letter from him to the Fatespinner."looking around he sees Tengu waiting He turns to him. "I am still quite a bit shaken from what has happend and I am sure you are...
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    In the Portal Room- Epilogue: "End of the Line..."

    Finaly getting over the shock of what just happend Talon quickly follows Tengu With Aezir's stuff To do as he was told.
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    EVENT REVIEW: "The Festival of Crows" - August 2016

    1. Getting to see how much i have improved over the course of a year. (still need to improve at rp alot but at least i talk a bit more) geting to go to the Dark reaches twas fun to run around at night. Troll ball and all the other events. 2.Nothing realy cant think of anything. 3. seems alot of...
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    Looking for Talon

    Finishes drink makes a face "ehh not as good as the gypsy stuff" Gets up and follows stig.
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    Looking for Talon

    0earing stig from another part of the tavern Talon walks over with his drink and sit down across from him. "hey... Something interesting going on?"