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    Laws of The Wildlands Request

    Lord Asher, while His Grace may look the other way should we slay our own, those that are Marked may be under His watchful eye. As far as I can tell, we are surrounded by enemies. To them, we may even be the "bad guys" here, with our "backwards thinking" and "persecution" against what is...
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    [.11] Escape Act and Spell stores.

    Why not just keep it simple and make the verbal "I break free!" That way it's clear you broke out of the restriction, it's easy to understand by new players, and nobody has to call a hold to figure out what's going on? And as per the usual RAW, cards can be checked after combat should disputes...
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    Laws of The Wildlands Request

    Im, sorry, I wasn't there to listen to this firsthand, but does this means those with the mark can create those half-undead berzerker... things... unchecked, as long as it doesn't interfere with those in power? That the corruption of the Fey' s glade, is borderline acceptable? That, as long as...
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    [.11] Poll : Reworking Resurrection

    I'm a new player. I've played two events and died at each of those events. I have, admittedly, gotten in over my head and reckless each of those times. But, to remove any significant risk from this game? I honestly wouldn't play any more. You died and lost some build? Or play time? Okay. You...
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    The Were-rat Lurks + News from Clan Bloodcoin (A wrap-up note from Auryn)

    I am not sure if it is relevant, but if my memory is correct, the Rat-Men under the WereRat's command were attacking with elemental attacks. Flame, stone and such. It was told to us that they gained such power by eating scrolls? I am not sure if it is formal or battle scrolls, but it likely...
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    [.11] Riposte is Weird and Probably Breaks Intentions

    Except, you can Intercept, call a defence, and then Riposte. For example, Intercept, Evade (Riposte), Eviscerate is probably gonna be some high level plays. Perhaps, making a General Combat section is the way to go, maybe lumping it in with weapons or something? I dunno. I've had 2 sessions in...
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    [.11] Questions about the packet

    It mentions in the rulebook that Barbarians will have a choice to become Oathsworn or Human when the change to 2.0 goes into effect. Can humans have that option as well? It would thematically fit my character, as I am planning to do a Paladin build. Also, about Channelling and Relics: Can a...
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    First Timer Needs Advice

    My first costume came from the thrift store as well. Brown scrubs pants, a woman's shirt, a scarf for a belt, and some old snow boots was my first gear. My wife found some things on Wish, but it is made of the most brittle substance on earth, Chineseium, so YMMV. It did the job last event, tho.
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    May event favorites

    -Meeting Kashim, Oric, Worlin, Torgtim, and Rhoop. I am so sorry I forgot your names half of the time. I hope to remember them better next time. - The whole "Farmer Constantine" questline. I will find you. I hope to bring you back. -The Ant mod. That was pretty cool. I didn't expect to be...
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    Lookin for some one to teach me Slay

    If there is a martial teacher available, I would also like to borrow a bit of his or her time, as well. I would like to be taught where to strike critical blows to the enemy, if possible. -Gerard Elderweiss
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    Blacksmithing Services Needed?

    Are you a teacher of your craft, by chance? I feel it may be useful to have some smithing knowledge in my future. -Gerard Elderweiss
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    Help Us!

    I am more than happy to help in your defense as you escape, but a thought occurs to me. Aside from the issue in getting to your island, I am not sure that the best way to escape fish monsters will be on boat. I understand that this is the only option, but, can you think of any reason why these...
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    "Correct" pipe insulation

    When I assembled it, it was a snug fit. And I do understand that you are supposed to pull your blows. In fact, I aim for just a light touch, but I just don't want to get carried away in the heat of battle and accidently hurt someone. I guess at the end of the day, I should just bring some extra...
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    "Correct" pipe insulation

    I made my first boffer weapons using the guidelines in the book, and thought, physically it looked okay. Yesterday, I had it tested against me, and the blows stung a bit. It got me wondering if I used the right materials. I used 5/8" pvc and insulation, and used pic and link related insulation...
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    Page policy?

    Hi, so I was wondering. My kids are interested in coming with me to the next event after hearing about the fun I had when I came last. I couldn't find anything about SoMN's underage page policy, and was wondering if someone could enlighten me. I did see in the rulebook that usually, a player has...
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    Fight practice!!

    I have multiple questions: What date and time? Where will it be? Is there a cost for this? And would it be okay if I bring my kids? They are old enough to entertain themselves, but young enough that I would need to keep a passing eye on them, and my wife may be working. They could...
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    Sept Favorites from the Castle Event

    This was my first event, so a lot of things stuck out for me. But the biggest ones are: A shout-out to Dan for giving me a quick 5 minute crash course in dual swords before starting. When I thought I could sneak up on, and take down the Corrupt that was harassing people from the wall. I...
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    Bones in Armor

    I don't know anything about resin, or much crafting, really, but a thought that immediately came to mind was maybe saving, washing, and maybe bleaching chicken or turkey bones from meals and tying or weaving it together with some kind of coarse thread? Sounds a bit tedious though..
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    Bring your own Drinking Vessel

    So... A generic, plain coffee mug would be acceptable?
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    Bring your own Drinking Vessel

    Do you have any suggestions for inexpensive period drink containers?