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  1. SkollWolfrun

    Online Event: Favourite Moments

    I didn't get to be on much, but it was nice to get into a character's headspace for a few hours. I am really looking forward to bringing this character to game for the next campaign. -Rescue of Aqua. This was very well put together and our GM was terrific to allow us to go full Inception during...
  2. SkollWolfrun

    Questions from a Possible New Player!

    Usually we can find 2 spots in a cabin so you will be together, each cabin's capacity will depend upon which site we are at Camp Kiwanilong's house 8 while Brooks' house 12(?). You can play a non-combat focused character. You can do what is called Page, which means nobody can strike you with...
  3. SkollWolfrun

    Weapon materials

    I use a local place to Portland. I use the 0.512" and 0.745" sizes for two handers.
  4. SkollWolfrun

    Donation Drives

    Want to help out your Oregon chapter & get paid some of those sweet Goblin Stamps for all those Event Blankets, Production, and stuff? We are constantly updating out Monster Camp and Deco needs. The current Goblin Stamps to $1 ratio is 8:1 (BONUS STAMPS!)...
  5. SkollWolfrun

    Dwarf & Blacksmith

    0.12 does not show that the 1 cheaper cost for Blacksmithing has been removed under Racial Updates, yet there is nothing in the charts ( or the Character Builder) that shows the 1 XP lesser cost is there anymore. Was this removed and just missed from the Updates?
  6. SkollWolfrun

    Creative Staff Phys Rep Construction

    I have yet to make a PlastiDip staff, but it is doable.
  7. SkollWolfrun

    [.11] Weapon Shield

    Still not a fan because it would be the only spell with this caveat. If you make one spell have some special caveat, make them all have their own caveat.
  8. SkollWolfrun

    [.11] Weapon Shield

    I disagree. No spell cast defenses should be changed to a smart defense.
  9. SkollWolfrun

    [.11] Character Management Application - Free Play

    Anyone know why none of my goblin (or dragon) stamps are in the tool?
  10. SkollWolfrun

    Anyone Have any Ultra light cores laying around

    I purchase from Tap Plastics or Goodwinds. Links here:
  11. SkollWolfrun

    Two Small Shields?

    The problem with having forearm shields is that they need to be easily removed if someone hits you with Disarms. From a spell side, those are going to be big targets for magic spells hitting you.
  12. SkollWolfrun

    [.11] Weapon/Armor Duration (split from Packet Color Thread)

    Shatter is definitely an issue. Every plot team I have been on has been hesitant to use it because it does only hurt lower level characters the most. High level characters only see it as inconvenient. I would prefer to see it changed to a 1 minute counter as someone else pointed out. This has...
  13. SkollWolfrun

    [.11] Weapon/Armor Duration (split from Packet Color Thread)

    My first character was an archer/sword build and I would regularly run out of arrows and my bow became a shield. I am also never afraid to have my characters killed off, so I am still in the same stance as Krystina in that dealing with resource management is part of the game. But I can see how a...
  14. SkollWolfrun

    November '18 Event Favorites

    Just in order that the event rolled. 1. Rolling out to rescue Kelb. Rolling up to the building and getting the face to face with the jumping undead and bantering with a few of them before fighting. 2. Meeting new players and characters IG with little to no run up Friday night. 3. Saturday...
  15. SkollWolfrun

    2.0 Playtest - November PreReg
  16. SkollWolfrun

    Crunchies and Armor

    This is something I was looking into making. Leather armor can be fairly inexpensively made. A full hide can make 2 or 3 sets of armor.
  17. SkollWolfrun

    May Pre-Reg

    may want to update the date in Character Transfers received (11/4/17)
  18. SkollWolfrun

    February Favorite Moments

    CSI Foxbridge keeps going strong for me. Being Durnic's plucky sidekick has it's pros and cons. Dealing with the voter fraud allegations. Adventuring out in the woods with Durnic, Aizyk, Ardryk, and Ashok. Friday night having to actually dress down Raganzi when he started to accuse people of...
  19. SkollWolfrun

    Delegation to the Black Butte Dwarven Clan

    Hi: I need the player names and emails for the delegates that have agreed to travel with Kelb and Morgan to the Black Butte Mountains. Kelb - Dallas Esplin - Farren - Adric - Luvina - Jessica White - Morgan - Sean Graczyk - Any questions or ideas to add into my initial...