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  1. Zen Mallowbrooks

    Break-In Report and a Request for the Adventurers

    Cass, In the past, given that we has no sufficient way to manage them, a few of us contacted a dragon and offered them a memory of theirs back. They refused. That is when we decided that the Vault was the best place to keep them at the time. Obviously, now we must question if it still is...
  2. Zen Mallowbrooks

    This Coming Market, November 10th-12th

    Hey Glenn! I don't want to be that person, but we reeeeeally shouldn't call that person by any name. We can't let it become a name that he's known by. Sylvie
  3. Zen Mallowbrooks

    A Confession and a Warning

    Cass, The Thorn of Ferrant had a planned performance in Yushein, however I heard it was delayed due to unforseen circumstances. I still plan to take him in but the gathering was too crazy to do much else about it for me. My understanding of the Eidolon we destroyed was that it was continuing...
  4. Zen Mallowbrooks

    A Confession and a Warning

    I can understand your suspicion given the circumstances however, Poison Orchid, who now goes by the moniker the Thorn of Ferrant, is indeed a criminal who spread malicious rumors regarding Serena Ferrant. There is no lie in that matter. He still needs to be brought to justice for his crimes, but...
  5. Zen Mallowbrooks

    A Confession and a Warning

    Fellow adventurers, As many of you now know, for the past three months I have been possessed by the Wraith Lord. Under his control, this weekend I handed over the sword of Evoder, the priceless artifact that has now slain at least two Djinn, to the Wraith Lord himself. He has absorbed the magic...
  6. Zen Mallowbrooks

    My Return to Kaida Sanu

    Hi Tarikk! I hope you're still doing okay! I'm excited to see you again. Let me know if I can help you at all! Elfy
  7. Zen Mallowbrooks

    Channeling shield

    I think this is a rather niche question, but does the high magic ability Channeling Shield function only with the school of high magic its purchased from or can it be used for both schools? In other words, can you use Earth channeling if it's purchased with Celestial high magic and vice versa...
  8. Zen Mallowbrooks

    Story time at the next gather

    Due to extenuating circumstances, I am unable to attend this gathering. I apologize but I will discuss this topic at the next gathering I am able to attend. I am sorry for the inconvenience. Zenia Mallowbrooks Viscountess to Duke De'Were
  9. Zen Mallowbrooks

    Story time at the next gather

    Adventurers, Since people seemed to have enjoyed story time from the last gathering I am planning another story time for the upcoming gather. A request has been made of me to speak this time of the Djinn of Erabella and since we know precious little about some of them I will take the...
  10. Zen Mallowbrooks

    A slight against our friend

    Honorable Adventurers, Over the past few years, the adventurers of Erabella have made numerous relationships with the people of this land and the nobles that serve them. One of the most steadfast and precious of these relationships has been with Count Ferrant and his daughter Serena Ferrant...
  11. Zen Mallowbrooks

    Discussion of the Upcoming Gathering

    Roan, I have no issue discussing specifics among the adventurers so long as we all understand that these topics have the possibility to cause serious unrest among the general populace and should be discussed with them with careful consideration. The child in question was the subject of magical...
  12. Zen Mallowbrooks

    Discussion of the Upcoming Gathering

    Venrick, Thank you for offer of help. There should be no issue with assisting you with your task as well. If you have a particular question or need help finding a specific portion of the vault, Beryl is quite knowledgeable of the Vaults and its contents and may be able to help you. Zenia...
  13. Zen Mallowbrooks

    Discussion of the Upcoming Gathering

    Adventurers of Erabella. It is almost time for the first gathering of the year and as such I would like to open the conversation regarding what we have learned over the winter and what we might expect to deal with at the gathering itself. Unfortunately, I was very sick over the winter and was...
  14. Zen Mallowbrooks

    "Revenge" event favorites

    Giving desylvia a new companion. I think they're best buds already Repercussions of the fish mod. We really did give them so many chances Jorim! I really enjoyed talking to you and you had all the best jokes. Stone Elf jokes are the best Magic infused eyeball. Whoops! Finally seeing Uther in...
  15. Zen Mallowbrooks

    Healer's Guild

    Um, hi there. I don't really think I qualify as a "healer" since I feel like that implies some level triage knowledge and some ability to remedy ailments. I can only cast a single earth spell per day and I can utilize earthen channeling to a degree. I'm more than willing to help out with the...
  16. Zen Mallowbrooks

    October Favorites

    Everything Hildegard, from Zenia trading herself for edwina to dueling him in the circle at the end. I sincerely considered dragging out the duel at the end to make it more climactic but Zenia wouldn't have taken the risk. The Halcyon crew! Always great hanging out with you guys and wizardin'...
  17. Zen Mallowbrooks

    Journal of Floral, Fauna, Funga, Bioma, and More...

    Oh I know a bit about the petrified town! It was across the bridge to the southeast I believe and the entire population had been turned to stone. We tried various things to help them but ultimately we were unable to do so. My thought was that a Destroy Magic ritual may help them but we did not...
  18. Zen Mallowbrooks

    Journal of The Time Caves

    Um, hi. We also encountered skinnier versions of the blue and white spiders which would often evade blows and also the larger versions did not use sapping or recovery attacks but rather used some kind of raw time magic on their claws to fight. Negotiation also mentioned that the time spiders...
  19. Zen Mallowbrooks

    "A Whole New World"

    Couple favorites from me: The dog show and all of the different animals. I still have a soft spot for Tentacles (to ryhme with Heracles). He may devour the world some day but he's just so cute ^_^ Richard‐baum Reginald! The most dapper of penguins Time cave shenanigans I made it through the...
  20. Zen Mallowbrooks

    Favorites of Foyer's Creek 5 day

    My brain is still rather fried but here are the ones I remember right now The kraken fight! Favorite mod of the weekend hands down. Playing Tuti is always fun and it's so nice to hear that PCs like it too We hit Biata critical mass! 5 biatas in one room is too many! All of the mental...