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    Market Value, its Math, and My thoughts... open discussion

    Just my 2 cents, I did hear rumors that one of the things the next rules change is supposed to be working on is more late-game cool stuff for crafter classes, which I agree is rather needed. I know I still struggle to figure out what to do with myself to make sure I'm not a total financial drain...
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    Loot sack!

    Another thing to add to this conversation: If you're looking for more rewards for NPCing, don't forget the new Research functionality! Not only do you get to have fun trying to kill your friends, you can also get IG information on some subject you're character is concerned about! This is often...
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    August 415 Favorite Moments, Deadlines, Feedback, & IBGAs!

    This was an awesome event all told! My high points: The bug fight Friday night. We may have only been against a few NPCs, but that fight was scary! From feeling useful with some well placed Fortresses to hearing a "No Effect" when trying to repel the last big one...Not to mention Giles's new...
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    Character Background Ties Thread

    Player: Jesse Sweitzer (Though a lot of folks know me as Jake, so that works too.) Contact: Facebook (I'm Jake Otter there) or Primary Character: Giles Winterwine Best Connections: Any Three Spires student or teacher or visitor could meet Giles pretty readily. In...
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    April 415 Favorite Moments, Deadlines, Feedback, & IBGAs!

    I think I have never done so little combat as I did this event. That said, this event was amazing! Ciphers. I hate them. I love them. I think I spent more than 4 hours on them on Saturday alone. CUUUURSE YOU! Dying! Again! And all the wonderful roleplay that comes from it. Giles will stop...