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    Which Unbounded swore to which House?

    Sawyer from Shademire, here. I don't have any affiliations yet.
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    Baking Pre-Orders/Requests

    It Is NOT too late to order! Would 30 gold be okay? -Phantom
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    Baking Pre-Orders/Requests

    2 gold works perfectly fine, thank you! -Phantom
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    Baking Pre-Orders/Requests

    Hello Willem! I would say about 4 gold would be the rate for 12 chocolate chip cookies, but i'm willing to bargain! Just let me know what you think. Unrelated: I did, it was a tree! -Phantom
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    Baking Pre-Orders/Requests

    Hello, Phantom here. After a surprising amount of sales last market day, I'm opening pre-orders! I can make cookies and/or muffins, whichever you prefer. We can discuss prices when you're available. On another note, I'm wondering what type of cookies I should make for pay what you want...
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    Gavaria March Event Favorites

    Some of my favorite moments were -Phantom accidentally freaking some of the tavern out by asking if having someone spy on you is normal -Iban Serenade -Phantom in "Baby's first Near Assassination" (yes i'm calling it that) -TOOCHES -Sir Euron sending us to deal with his daddy issues, getting...