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    Riposte and Disarm

    Page 59 of the new rule book, under Disarm "A Magic Armor, Parry, Riposte, or Dodge protects against a Disarm and expends the Disarm." If I am reading this right, the combat would go as follows: PC A uses a two-handed weapon. NPC B uses a sword and a shield. PC A calls "Prepare to Die...
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    Riposte and Disarm

    PC A uses a two-handed weapon. NPC B uses a sword and a shield. PC A calls PTD, hits NPC B and calls "Disarm Shield" NPC B calls "Riposte" Questions regarding this: 1.) Would PC A call "Taken" or "Got it" and not have to drop their two-handed weapon because the original call was "Disarm...
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    Going out with a BANG!!!!!

    WOW!!!! Absolutely amazing event!!!!!! The most fantastic season closer EVAR!!!!! Plot peepz - An amazing closer to an even more amazing season. Figuring everything out just in time to not be able to do anything to prevent it. Absolutely fantastic. The prosperous and inviting lands that we...
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    Who is coming to the November event?

    Durk McJurk will be there along with Noni, Ex-knows-the-most-about-the-potatoes (Exnostromos), and Na'Rin. GJ
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    The Gazette

    Does anyone have a copy of the second issue of the Gazette? I am trying to get a copy of all of the Gazettes so that I can scan them and post them on the in-game boards. If anyone has a copy of the second issue of the Gazette and would be willing to send it to me, please send me a private...
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    Weekend Wrap!

    I had an amazing time this weekend! I want to say thanks to everyone who made it possible to run this event! Special thanks goes out to the all the NPC's for their tireless crunching! See you in September!!!! GJ AKA - Durk
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    The Event...

    /agreewithallyousguys!!!! I had a fantastic time at this event!!! Big thanks to all the NPC's for all your hard work, and to everyone who helped make this event great! Im really excited to come back to Chi-Town Alliance!!! See you guys soon!!! John AKA - Durk
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    Race Change Needed

    I dont know.... I might be to change your race..... not sure...... Durk
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    My event thoughts

    The time I had at this event could be summed up in one word: Best-Event-I-Have-Been-To-In-Years THANKS to everyone who made this event a huge success!! Can't wait till July! GJ AKA - Durk
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    Hey Romani dat helped me in dat place dat one time

    Too many people in my head........ See you in a few days, Alabaster Durk
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    Hey Romani dat helped me in dat place dat one time

    Hey guy, If you are that elemental fighter guy that helped me and Noni out with some Ice auras, I'm sure that me and my buddies can lend a hand. As long as Siergey and Alabaster aint got no problems with that. Durk
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    Kudos to the plot team

    I COMPLETELY AGREE!!!! Thanks to all of the NPC for their endless crunching and for making Bears and Spiders one of the scariest animal combonations EVAR!!!!! I had a great time and I am really looking forward to the next event! I hope to see all of the players who made the long trek out to...
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    The Team

    WOO HOO!!!! Time for some Southern Michigan NERO Action!!! Can't wait to play guys! See ya'll at the end of March!!! GJ