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    Coffee with Franz

    This coming market Coffee with Franz will begin promptly at 8 AM as I'd like to have a meeting with any self-defined celestialists who plan to visit Gavaria with some regularity at 9AM to discuss the organization of a Celestial Society and a 10 AM trip to the Etheric Crossroads (open to...
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    Assistance with Skain's new problems

    Benjamin, I am in contact with Amelia Rivergull. She is not dead. In fact I could use your assistance, if willing, to find out what happened to her tonight if you're willing and able. FF
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    In Search of Spirit Forge and Catalyst

    I'm not sure if Roff has the full set or just the catalyst. I am in possession of the ritual scroll. Depending on logistics and how the figurative bidding war pans out I could send the ritual scroll to your lands with Roff next time we meet. Or I could hand deliver it myself when I make it to...
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    Coffee with Franz

    As my old Master Blacksmith used to say "Porque no los dos?"
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    Coffee with Franz

    Greetings all, I hear there are a few new faces wandering around Gavaria and I unfortunately was busy with things at home and unable to assist in the most recent struggles. However, I have returned! I will be hosting 'Coffee with Franz' Saturday morning (I'd like to start at 8am) in and around...
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    Gavaria Auction

    Superior Equipment minimum costs
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    Gavaria Auction

    Greetings Adventurers, Adlao, once again has graciously volunteered to gather the town census. Please see her to ensure we have an accurate counting. Thank you. For those new to the mists, and as a refresher for transparency: after a large town endeavor and auction, loot will split based on...
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    Town Loot Split and Accounting

    Well Met, I will be traveling alongside other visitors from Gavaria to Rathfall this coming feast. I have been requested by Auryn to assist in the logistics of any town auctions and related sharing of spoils. Adlao, as in the past, will have a specific sign in form. I will let her explain those...
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    Ritual Caster visiting through the Mists

    Hello All, I hope this finds you well. I think fondly on my previous visit to your lands. I'm noting a convergence in the mists around my lands that should allow me to visit you again in May. Hopefully, assuming there are no rocks in the mist this time, I will be returning to you with my full...
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    Spellcasting Support and Services

    Greetings all, I don't normally travel to Rathfall, aside for opportunities to feast and engage in comradery. As such, aside from engaging with visiting nobles from Gavaria, my schedule is generally free. As such, if there are things any of you think I'd be able to help out with please feel...
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    My Return to Kaida Sanu

    **Gaawwp** (Followed by vague proud father gestures toward a healthy and very large egg)
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    Quick question about bird wylderkin

    Some Examples (another Magpie is in the first picture, bottom row 2nd from the right (with the flask) But really it's up to you. The design gives a lot of leeway as long as its somewhere between a human and the animal.
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    Splitting Spoils from Town Endeavors

    The mists are preventing my travel to Rathfall for the forseeable future. If feedback is provided regarding auctions across the mists I can make appropriate adjustments to Auctions in Gavaria.
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    Ritual Scrolls - You Want 'Em? I've Got "Em

    Asher, My immediate funds are a little tight at the moment but if you'd have any battlemage strikes available and would be willing hold them until the time in which I have sufficient coin that would be greatly appreciated. Franz Firebrand
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    Splitting Spoils from Town Endeavors

    Thank you for your feedback Marcus. I will make sure we keep a ledger of coin. I am aware of the contention around coin. This is the primary reason this was posted prior to the Market. I will make sure to take a moment to inform the masses when we gather Friday evening
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    Splitting Spoils from Town Endeavors

    Greetings Adventurers, This market, like previous markets we will have a sign in sheet to make an accounting of adventurers contributing to large town endeavors. Last market, neither the count on the sign-in sheet, the count we made leaving for the town endeavor nor the number of shares created...
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    Announcement for Leaving the No Wake Zone (May 26th Weekend)

    Greetings Players, The members of Chicago Alliance Staff hope that you're excited for the coming weekend. We wanted to make a quick announcement as you are making your preparations for this weekend. Due to this coming event being the last event before the end of the playtest (as well as a...
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    Coffee with Franz

    Please do not take this as hate. I am usually awake by six and a half bells every morning without an alarm (even when I retire around 3 or 4 bells).
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    Coffee with Franz

    Let's plan on eight bells as the 'official' start time. I will likely be around prior to that if people wish to discuss earlier. Saturday Morning I will have to step away at 9 bells to meet with the Celestial Society. Baring any strange events I should be more open and flexible with timing.
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    Coffee with Franz

    Greetings all, I am writing to announce the return of 'Coffee with Franz.' For those who are unfamiliar Coffee with Franz is an opportunity prior to and during breakfast for individuals to gather and share information regarding various events and needs across the lands. I have reason to...