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  1. 2KO

    Sickle: Small Weapon or One-Handed Edged? Also, any specific combat rules?

    Good day all! I'm still working on putting finishing touches on an elf healer/bard (officially, a Scholar) while the San Francisco chapter gets its scheduling and plans together for the year. As a DnD player, I know it would certainly be handy to have a small weapon on my person for when my...
  2. 2KO

    kind of a silly Q, but is there any correlation between race and colors worn?

    good day! I've been working to collect and create pieces for my first player character (of any larp) for a couple years now, a MWE (or sylvanborn, I think they are again?) Now that I look at him though, he's got a very black, brown, grey, but mostly RED color palette relative to pics of other...