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  1. Xanian

    The Avatars of Power and You: Ongoing Notes of Avatars of Power in Rathfall

    It may be important to note that, at least for the MF, his power and place is held in a mantle. The mantle seemed a physical thing he actually has to don in order to assume his role. I assume the others are similar. I would guess that awakening a 'dead' avatar would be to have someone else...
  2. Xanian

    Casino Heist After Action Report Request

    I may be incorrect, but I believe the idea and planning for the heist was spearheaded by Tizzy Tang. I know he provided me a strong outline of the 4 things we absolutely needed to be successful and stated parts were already in motion when I spoke with him Saturday Morning. Binar
  3. Xanian

    My Return to Kaida Sanu

    Hey Tarikk, Good to see ya, buddy. So uh, since you were gone we killed a dracolich. That was fun. And the orcs won the annual hunt between them and the ogres, which was probably for the best (and I can explain why in person). And uh, some people have started to learn how to manipulate the...
  4. Xanian

    Mend Armor Spell

    In regard to the Mend Armor spell: There is some confusion about how this spell works, so I have some situations that I am look for a ruling on. 1. Greg is wearing a 40 suit of armor (with mystic smith) and is hit with a shatter spell targeting the armor. His friend Wanda casts a mend spell...
  5. Xanian

    Adventurers Participation in The Great Hunt (Ikari's Hope Poll)

    Before I would cast a vote in any direction, I would like to at least touch base with the High Orc settlement. I've heard from the High Ogres, who seem to be happy, healthy, and who hold themselves to a large responsibility in Kaida Sanu as a whole (engaging undead where they arise in the main...
  6. Xanian

    Enhance Signature Spell + Foundation's Armament

    I think the best way to think about it is that once you apply any of those effects, it is no longer from memory. For instance, Enhance signature doubles the numerical damage of a spell from memory, but once you apply that, it is now cast via enhanced signature, not memory. Your memory can only...
  7. Xanian

    Known & Discovered Catalysts

    At the Selunari auction.
  8. Xanian

    Known & Discovered Catalysts

    We had the obfuscation catalyst: a footprint of Shadow
  9. Xanian


    I am quite excited for your fare, which is my hesitation on bringing food at all. I hope you and yours will have an opportunity to join me, even if you are only able to share a quick drink. I think you particularly may appreciate the nature of my offering.
  10. Xanian


    This coming market faire I intend to do something a little new. I will be hosting an open forum, of sorts, on Saturday Morning. I will provide a traditional orcish breakfast drink (and probably some food to go along with it, though I do not wish to take away from the breakfast the tavern is...
  11. Xanian

    Inquiry about Shield and Buckler rules

    Sorry about the lack of response. Normally, deflecting is perfectly fine, but as a lightest touch system, we don't really need to do a ton of manipulation of enemy attacks to open opportunities. I'm not a marshal so this may be a better question to ask on site with the safety staff so you can...
  12. Xanian

    Wanted and conquest

    Viceroy Fortinbras, Pursuant to the agreement we had established at the Tribunal, I assume evidence of the guilt of these individuals will be provided? ((OOG Note, a statement of "You are provided evidence" will suffice, I am not looking for tons of work to be done 'proving' something that is...
  13. Xanian

    The Cage / Five Bridges Prison

    Note: This is your last chance to step forward and put your name on the list of those who were wrongfully imprisoned. If you wish to be included, I need to know now. Binar
  14. Xanian

    Terminate Ritual

    I like the idea here, but I am looking for some clarity. Does this mean that you don't know whether the ritual succeeded/flawed/backlashed before determining to terminate? Or only that you can't terminate once the flaw/backlash has been rolled? "Terminate Ritual: This ability allows the...
  15. Xanian

    The Cage / Five Bridges Prison

    Lorelei, You should know that the nobility seemed to agree that our reasoning for the prison break was, overall, justified. We were given no punishment whatsoever for the actions we took. We were, however, provided an opportunity to help prevent further damage from our actions by assisting to...
  16. Xanian

    The Cage / Five Bridges Prison

    As far as I am aware, no adventurer was rightly imprisoned by the sheriff, as no trials were held before people were swiftly incarcerated. Those following the orders of the sheriff are not in question at this time. There had been other tribunals for the guards/officials for the prison and we...
  17. Xanian

    The Cage / Five Bridges Prison

    Dramthin, I do feel they acted in good faith in these matters and the conclusion was better than can be expected. I would put a general reminder that information about how we got in should be sent privately in order to not compromise the response. I can be reached at the above address to...
  18. Xanian

    The Cage / Five Bridges Prison

    Adventurers, We were able to speak in good faith with the nobility of Rathfall to help gather information about the Prison break at the cage some years ago. As part of this, we have been asked to gather a list of individuals who were arrested by the former sheriff and the crimes of which they...
  19. Xanian

    November 2022 Rathfall Favorites

    - internal thoughts "Man, that big eye is going nuts on the damage but I doubt I could jump high enough to hit it. That's a fun boss mechanic...what a second. WTF is that giant beach ball... Uh oh." - getting whacked repeatedly by two scholars swinging 2 because I refused to kill them to get to...
  20. Xanian

    Proclamation from House Rumil

    Syr Montague, Your loaded words (conspirator, transgressions, etc) lead me to believe you and yours are not entering this in good faith. I'm not one to mince words, so I simply ask you reconsider your stance if you wish to gather the respect of the Unbounded. Likewise, I suggest you consider...