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    New smilies!

    No forum is complete without a Picard face palm:
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    OMG I went through the entire achive of this comic and I couldn't stop laughing. Too freaking funny! Thanks for the linkage. :D
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    Favorite editorial cartoons: July 2010

    I have a comic that someone I know made! His name is Davi Barker, and he writes for the SF Examiner. He actually wrote an article about my baklava business, and agorism in general, back in March. He, as well as a couple others, came up with this comic to spoof this one...
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    The last Airbender...

    I heard a lot of crap about this movie, but I still want to see it. I've watched the original animated series a couple times and absolutely love it. Even though it is aimed at the 10-12 crowd, it's actually very deep. The character development is as good, or better than, most television...
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    Toy Story 3

    Wow, really? Toy Story 3? Who ever thought that would be epic? Don't get me wrong, I'm not criticizing it. I didn't even see a preview for the movie. I just find it hard to believe that a non-trilogy, third movie is doing so damn well. Pretty cool stuff IMO.
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    Favorite editorial cartoons: May 2010

    I am someone who was originally excited about the idea of another Paul running for office. Even though I am a voluntaryist I still look at someone like Ron Paul and wish we had more people like him in office. So when Rand decided to run I donated $20 to his campaign. I eventually learned he...
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    Shameless plug of my new novel!

    Grats, bro! :)
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    Finally! Terminology settled.

    Definitely a geek, but I was a total nerd for most of my life.
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    4 more years, what the heck..

    Yeah, all this post says is, "My side of the same coin is shinier than your side!"
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    Original script synopsis for Avatar

    I told my friend that I really need to see Avatar. His reply was, "You already did when it was called Dances with Wolves."
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    4 more years, what the heck..

    You're generalizing. It may be the nature of a majority (and I'm not even sure about that), but it is by no means the nature of all of us. Speak for yourself, please.
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    4 more years, what the heck..

    That's the way of sick individuals who think they have the right to use force to control others. That is by no means what many of us feel is right or natural. I would never celebrate mass slaughtering of humans.
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    4 more years, what the heck..

    Or if they nuked a couple cities. Oh wait, that was the US that committed that atrocity.
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    Favorite editorial cartoons: December 2009

    Meh, this seems more like a debate, and that's just not my thing at all.
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    Favorite editorial cartoons: December 2009

    You say the government is like any other business, and I have to disagree. If I want to start up a business I need to save up money, buy property, and work hard to provide a product at a competitive price. If my business fails then I will have to close my doors. Maybe someone will come up and...
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    Favorite editorial cartoons: December 2009

    It isn't really that no one wants to pay for services they use. In a world where we had a 100% free market, where even the roads were privately owned, I would expect to have to pay a certain fee to access roads & services. There isn't an opposition to paying for services that one would use. I...
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    Favorite editorial cartoons: December 2009

    FSP doesn't endorse any of the activists. They don't want to be seen as the central leadership behind the movement. They aren't a succession movement either, as some like to think. Their main goal is to recruit like-minded, active people to NH with the goal of achieving liberty in their...
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    Favorite editorial cartoons: December 2009

    My inner Captain Picard is face palming for getting involved in a debate/argument on the internet. I broke my own golden rule. It feels like such a huge waste of time to debate with people who have their own set of ways and likely will never agree with you on a certain topic. I equate it to...
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    Favorite editorial cartoons: December 2009

    They are by no means the perfect examples as there were violent movements behind the peaceful ones (even if the "leader" didn't agree with them). I will be the first to admit it would take a number of people to "Doh" in unison and then decide to work together to achieve liberty. There are...
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    Favorite editorial cartoons: December 2009

    I think Gandhi is a great example of how nonviolence & civil disobedience defeated the British Empire in that region. I also think MLK is a great example of how nonviolence & civil disobedience changed policy. I personally believe that if enough people decided to live their lives outside of...