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  1. Traceroo

    Drinks this weekend!

    [OOG: Mike, are you looking for donations exclusively in IG currency, or would you also accept a couple bucks thrown your way? Preference?]
  2. Traceroo

    Acarthian Historical Society to discuss Dreadrot, 2:00, Sat 8 Feb 420

    Please join the Acarthian Historical Society for our discussion of Dreadrot, including the liche's history as a corrupted dryad, and pattern of attacks on the Kingdom of Acarthia. Learn of our enemy better to recognize its patterns and methods in the future. Back of Deepjugs Tavern New Acarthia...
  3. Traceroo

    Coordination of battle leaders

    I'd like to speak with individuals interested in battlefield leadership during the upcoming court gathering on 7-9 February, in specific on Saturday night. If you are interested in leading a small squad either of your choosing or a squad assigned for a particular task in battle, please seek me...
  4. Traceroo

    Article Needed!

    The merchants from Rivervale are renowned for paying fair price for the right tidbits dropped their way, and 10 gold crowns is a fat purse! I wonder if any of the other barons value the same... the Baron of Warchester, for example. What would such an article like this fetch in the markets of...
  5. Traceroo

    Mini cabins, food, and other site things...

    Jesse, I may be interested in volunteering for weapon repair. The $20:1 GS drive is pretty sweet from a monetary standpoint! But less so for volunteering time and effort. ($6 + 90 minutes of my time to fix 1 longsword = 60 GS, usually... or just $6 and no effort now = 120 GS.) Do you have a more...
  6. Traceroo

    How does Knighting in your lands work?

    Denver's Acarthia game has a pretty elaborate process, and makes a big deal out of the path to knighthood: 1. Knights are agents of the Crown of Acarthia. The white belt is a symbol of the power of the Crown, not the power of the individual who wears the belt. 2. Knights in Acarthia follow a...
  7. Traceroo

    Looking for volunteers for Treasure Bag

    I volunteer to carry the bag from time to time after a battle, and approach the townsfolk to make convenient their contributions. Dame Katherine Albright Rivervale
  8. Traceroo

    October 2019 FAVORITE MOMENTS!

    My sense of gameworld immersion derives from the physical atmosphere, so setting the stage with strong sensory appeal is really important to my enjoyment of the game. THANK YOU, everybody, for choosing to build up some great Low Town atmosphere with all the hanging out, dancing, snuggling...
  9. Traceroo

    October 2019 Thank yous!

    Theatre of the Dead Plot, for the invitation to continue this All Hallows Eve story tradition Jeff, for being my LARP Buddy, polishing my writing, and then bringing it to life so fantastically! Owen, as such a reliable plot apprentice, friendly hand in the box, and creeping Outsider! Casey...
  10. Traceroo

    Witches Night party at Lola's Late Night Fried Chicken Shack!

    P.S. In case you didn't hear, Lagarde is the new Sheriff of New Acarthia. I know because I am in the Town Guard, and now he is my boss for that, because he is Sheriff. ~Still Lola
  11. Traceroo

    Witches Night party at Lola's Late Night Fried Chicken Shack!

    My friends, I hope everybody enjoyed Lola's Late Night Fried Chicken Shack, and all the Witches Night festivities! I am skipping town so the pretty Baroness of Tiatar does not behead me in her grief for offending her. I'm going to lay low for awhile. You need Lola? You reach out here in the...
  12. Traceroo

    Bayenna and Rivervale clash on muddy field for 419 Corsith Cup!

    I don't think I can recall seeing such an exciting match as this year's Cup! (I may also be experiencing some difficulties recalling parts of the victory party as well, but that's another matter.) Bayenna played very well. Three cheers to Jornsson and best wishes for a speedy recovery! Hail to...
  13. Traceroo

    Renewed monster activity in the Howling Woods

    If the dream realms carry this farther than to those in New Acarthia who already know this, hear me: The Howling Woods hit us hard in New Acarthia in a field battle on Saturday, 12 October, not long after dark. Thanks to Cryn and Lyari making their evening rounds out to the watchtowers, the...
  14. Traceroo

    Oct 2019: Need help building 1 easy prop (edit: covered!)

    Already got 1 volunteer, and 1 backup volunteer! Thanks, awesome people! Trace
  15. Traceroo

    Oct 2019: Need help building 1 easy prop (edit: covered!)

    I volunteered to help out with some story this event. I've hit my limit on my To Do list, and I could really use some help creating 1 simple prop: I need a special cardboard box that is spraypainted, or covered with paper or cloth to my specifications that I will discuss privately in more...
  16. Traceroo

    Witches Night party at Lola's Late Night Fried Chicken Shack!

    Hello my friends! It is, I, your friend, Lola! I am come back to New Acarthia. I got big plans for Witches Night, and now you do, too! (Even if you call it All Hallows Eve, or Halloween, or Monsters Night, or whatever.) Alright, here we go: Lola's Late Night Fried Chicken Shack! Open on a porch...
  17. Traceroo

    Renewed monster activity in the Howling Woods

    Warchester hasn’t seen any of this sort of activity inside the borders of our barony at all! Our scouts along the edge of Warchester land report that they saw heavy movement in the Howling Woods to our west, and even among the lizardmen in the fens to the south (and the lizardmen usually go...
  18. Traceroo

    Renewed monster activity in the Howling Woods

    That blasted harridan in the swamps outside Shadowatch Keep hasn’t stopped screaming for the past four nights. It never lets up. We found ogre and troll remains two mornings ago; they must’ve crossed paths with the harridan. They could’ve died quieter. Meadowview caught some orcs trying to...
  19. Traceroo

    Renewed monster activity in the Howling Woods

    Goblins and kobolds stirred up in north Rivervale from Emberwatch to Ambervale. Minor scrape in Twin Pines. Tribes on the move. Monty Warden of Rivervale Hearthwood [OOG: Posted for Acarthia Plot with permission from Mike Messmer, also from Jose Acevedo for his long-ago but not forgotten PC...
  20. Traceroo

    Renewed monster activity in the Howling Woods

    Legion of Tiatar reports movement of the denizens from the Howling Wood extensively through the interior of the Barony of Tiatar. Legionnaires are tracking the tribes and watching closely, coordinating movement reports. No engagements have thus far been reported to Sapphire Keep. Tribes seem to...