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  1. Preston Wright

    Grand Auction! Buy, Sell, and Socialize!

    IG Announcement Grand auction to take place Sunday led by the Trader and Tome mercantile company. Many of the scrolls on bid will only be usable on this plane of existence and won't be usable anywhere for another four years! Casting service is available through the TNT. Walk in seller's are...
  2. Preston Wright

    NH New Site Donation Drive

    And where can we donate?! Has anyone a link?
  3. Preston Wright

    Mini cabins, food, and other site things...

    Who do I make it out to on PayPal?
  4. Preston Wright

    Seeking Trap Avoidance

    My friend, I do not live in Strayden, but I do have an item I would be willing to sell. Contact me, and I will see what I can do for you. Its notable the item is extended and has a good deal of time left. -Graven Shadow-Steel, Shard Breaker, Destroyer of walls, Hero of Fort Alliance, and Thrower...
  5. Preston Wright

    Like Communism basically Classless

    Like Communism basically Classless
  6. Preston Wright

    Dragonhold Council

    ((I wasnt really sure but I did it anyways))
  7. Preston Wright

    Dragonhold Council

    Myself and others have expressed concern within the hold itself, for the dividing of bounties and loot whilst dealing with threats throughout the area. A reworking is in order for the system in which loot is split up within the town. There are fairly simple ways to make the system much more...
  8. Preston Wright

    Bounty by: Graven Shadow-Steel

    Yes the bounty is still active, yet please note, the hat may not be on said goblin as of our latest intelligence. -Graven Shadow-Steel
  9. Preston Wright

    Bounty by: Graven Shadow-Steel

    *Several posters have been put up around the town in the main areas and on trees in the vicinity* "I am offering a bounty for the capture of a goblin with a tri point hat. The hat is my own, and the goblin in question should be brought to me alive. There will be no reward for a dead goblin...
  10. Preston Wright

    Looking for a friend

    Ahh Hallend! I apologize I have been busy as of late. Invasions and all... Would you like to speak privately? (Add me on Facebook or Discord (DampbunniesOFdoom #5221))
  11. Preston Wright

    Looking for some help

    Greetings, I would like to respond to your inquiry. Where might we speak in private? (Can you send me your Facebook?) -Graven Shadow-Steel (Preston Wright)
  12. Preston Wright


    Corso- It will be searched for, must be important. -Graven Shadowsteel
  13. Preston Wright

    March Favorite Moments!

    1. Sorry it is really hard to top throwing a summer sausage like a spell packet and disarming the trap, especially for Graven (Sausage) who tends to stay on the quieter side. Also got a cool nickname. The last bit when the mist came to me and told me he was amused and had never seen anything...