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  1. hjordan2814

    Blight Removal Breakthrough

    Hear me Unbounded, Together we have made our first true triumph over the Blight. With your help in collecting the Blight Sponges and subsequent planning session on their ultimate destruction, we have developed a way to remove Blight in a very efficient manner. Know this, the light box was a...
  2. hjordan2814

    Blight Removal Experiments

    Good evening Unbounded, I have an announcement. After countless iterations, I have begun the next phase of my experiments into removing the Blight. My team has been hard at work perfecting the Sponge Spheres and the subsequent retrieval device. Your strength will be called upon soon. The...
  3. hjordan2814

    A Private Communication from the Crown

    Lord Protector, In terms of Bancroft, I cannot give counsel for I know nothing of that situation. It would be folly of me to advise what little I know beyond a warning of retaliation upon us due the actions of others. I defer to others for this decision. In regards to the Mirandas however, I...
  4. hjordan2814

    This Coming Market, March 29th

    I wasn't aware Ikari's Hope had nobles, only ones originating from lands beyond. I quake with terror at the power of the monarch who bestows nobility titles that allow one to create laws of other lands. I can only hope that those who do not have the luxury of retreating to another mistsphere...
  5. hjordan2814

    Updates from Last Market: Bastian -> Kaida Sanu Bridge

    Hello Magistrate Shen and Fellow adventurers! House Aviary hopes all of you fared well departing this market day. We were just curious as to the fate of items donated towards the Ritual, as there was no mention of them before, during, or after the ritual was complete that reached our ears. If...
  6. hjordan2814

    Names & Faces

    Hello! Out of Game: Ian (He/Him) In Game: Chicago Chapter: Hearthguard Draco O'Dell of The Company, Dwarven Fighter Wisconsin Chapter: Viceroy Columbidae Dawn Henry Woodrow of New Zenith the 2nd, Leader of House Aviary, Dove-kin Earth Spellsword
  7. hjordan2814

    Registration Thread Chicago Opener March 31st: Tides of Change

    Welcome to the Registration Thread for Chicago Opener Full Weekend Event: Tides of Change The event for PCs will cost $90 and NPCs $35; however anyone who preregisters will gain a $15 discount! Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on Saturday are included with your event fee. The site opens 6PM on...
  8. hjordan2814

    Rathfall Feast 2023 Favorites

    Such a great weekend. -If you told me this time last year that we wouldn't be catering Feast, I'd call you insane, but here we are, with utterly amazing meals. -First time ever dressing up as a full makeup race. I have gained a new respect for those who do it every event. Watching peoples'...
  9. hjordan2814

    Registration Thread January 6th Feast Weekend: All that Glitters in the White City

    You were the first person to pre-reg. Shows completed 11/16/22 14:29
  10. hjordan2814

    Lost & Found November 12

    The candles are Sarah's
  11. hjordan2814

    "A Whole New World"

    A real blast this weekend. Great opener, can't wait for the next one -After 3+ years of planning what started as a joke pipe dream, it was amazing to finally have the Aviary realized. Hope more people enjoyed us than were annoyed by our antics -Dog show was greater than anything we imagined. Who...
  12. hjordan2814

    Aid to the Passwall Campaign

    Iggy is correct. The more I can learn about this specific banshee, the better I can attune my aegis to this threat. Sadly what we may know about a banshee from Prademar may be completely different in this new world. Regardless, you have my Aegis. May your Hearthfire burn eternal and your...
  13. hjordan2814

    Item pickup request

    Is anyone able or willing to stop in Stager IL to pick up items on their way to site? Dragon Stamps will be rewarded based on how of the way it is for them.
  14. hjordan2814

    Court recordings; May

    Dramthin, During the coronation ceremony of now Queen Pavia Gavar of Gavaria, an attempt was made to end her life. It was discovered to be the machinations of the Nameless Former Baron (henceforth referred to as NFB). By order of the Queen, NFB was captured by the adventurers after a siege and...
  15. hjordan2814

    Spider Island: Part 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

    It is not, to my knowledge, of Atupal origin. It is a device of the late Arthur Fitzhugh's own design. He was a mecha-magical genius, including the creation of airships. I confess I do not know if it will be of help as I do not have the know-how to ascertain its function, and I was...
  16. hjordan2814

    Spider Island: Part 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

    The Hearthguard and Northlund troops will be stationed at Atapul and Westhaven to defend in case of any counter attack. The hearths shall be protected. After a....trying time with the now late Arthur Fitzhugh, The Northlunds now posess a technological device that could help us, but I require...
  17. hjordan2814

    From the Desk of Baron Heartwood

    Salutations, your effervescent, and most prestigious majesty, I am deeply honored, and humbly accept your invitation on behalf of House Aviary. We hail and arrive from New Zenith, to show good will and provide aid to all, as we are all clutch-mates in this nest we call Bastion. Though some of...
  18. hjordan2814

    Spider Island Assault Plan

    I shall be conversing with the Hearthguard before the next market day with what support can be lent towards this endeavor. May your hearth fire burn eternal, and your tankards endless! Hearthguard Draco O'Dell
  19. hjordan2814

    Who's done with Spider Island?

    This coming market day would be used for recon and preparation. You would have plenty of time to prepare. The plan would be commencing the raid at the May market day. May your hearthfire burn eternal, and your tankard endless! Hearthguard Draco O'Dell
  20. hjordan2814

    Who's done with Spider Island?

    You have my hammer. I shall speak with the other hearthguard to see what strength can be lent for this endeavor. May your hearthfire burn eternal, and your tankard endless! Hearthguard Draco O'Dell