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  1. Jovunn

    Stormbreak may Event

    Kris Kitts to PC Tibialis ONE! LAST! TIME! All paid up.
  2. Jovunn

    Season 2 closer favorites!

    Woof. What an event. Thank you to Magdalen, Hoyce, and Henry for your amazing writing efforts, and to all our NPCs and kitchen crew for making this thing tick. I still have some unpacking to do, but here's what I have: -Magnate Tibialis. Yeesh. I made this character with the intent to avoid...
  3. Jovunn

    What we need for the cure

    Aaleeha, I am incapable of producing the requisite potion and elixir for the cure; however, if you or another craftsman should require the coin to procure or make them, I would be more than happy to supply it. I am uncertain as to whether this is part of the problem, but should the need arise...
  4. Jovunn

    Pre-reg for August event

    Kris Kitts to PC Tibialis. Also paid for either Fire or Water - no preference as to which.
  5. Jovunn


    Y'all, it felt so good to be back and digging into the hard political conversations. Thanks for all the warm welcomes; it made it feel really easy to get reinvested in the amazing story the team here is telling. In no particular order: -Quori's new position as "advisor" to High Magnate Keenan...
  6. Jovunn

    Pre-reg for June 29 event

  7. Jovunn

    Pre-reg for June 29 event

    Kris Kitts to PC Tibialis. :)
  8. Jovunn

    Linguistic note

    Thank you for the reminder! It's hard to iron these wrinkles out of ourselves, and the occasional nudge of the iron certainly helps. <3
  9. Jovunn

    April event pre-registration

    This is accomplished! Please hook us up with Phoenix cabin when you have a hot sec.
  10. Jovunn

    April event pre-registration

    Kris Kitts to PC Abbath. Just paid both my event fee and yearly membership. Also pre-regged, but need a kindly soul to let me know how much free build my murderchild has accrued, if any. I also noted this in the pre-reg form proper. Thanks!
  11. Jovunn

    Stormbreak pre-reg for August event CLOSED

    It is looking less and less likely Emily and I will be making it. Apologies, y'all.
  12. Jovunn

    October Ball

    Man, I am so tempted to bring the old lady out of retirement just for the sake of dressing up real fancy.
  13. Jovunn


    I stand with you. -Tibialis
  14. Jovunn

    Second Event Favorites!

    C/p from Facebook since I know some folks don't do that thing. HI, Y'ALL. My name is Kris and I am a small lady who plays an equally small spider-man named Tibialis. -Matters of national security. -Drunkenly reminding everyone Tibialis is a DUDE. A DUDE. DID YOU KNOW HE IS A MAN? HEY, YOU...
  15. Jovunn

    Stormbreak pre-reg for August event CLOSED

    Just paid to play Tibialis and reserve Earth! :)
  16. Jovunn

    reflections on the "end of the event" and narrative structure

    Let me see if I can keep my thoughts cohesive and concise. Given this was the first event of a three-act, three-year arc, I did not expect everything to be tied up with neat bows by the end of the event. My expectation was the setting of a scene and the acquisition of a baseline understanding...
  17. Jovunn

    Stormbreak pre-reg for June 30 event

    Just paid to play Tibialis and reserve Earth.
  18. Jovunn


    Copying and pasting from the FB group because I'm not sure where y'all prefer to compile these things and I want to make sure you get ~900 kudos. -It is so refreshing to have an overarching plot that is relatively straightforward. Not only is it easy to follow and to communicate about with...
  19. Jovunn

    Food donations needed

    As someone whose favorite food is popcorn... I will pick up popcorn.
  20. Jovunn

    Stormbreak Pre-Reg for first event

    Did the thing, paid to reserve Water. I am approximately 300% hype.