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  1. Rovinder Kitt

    Wedding RSVP

    I would be honored to attend your joyous event.
  2. Rovinder Kitt

    EVENT REVIEW: Uneasy Lies the Head... (MAY 2017)

    1. Post your favorite moments Rooting out the Sect members in their meeting house – good combat, no idea how we got through the wards, & strike team? Who needs ‘em! The ‘Rats’ lair, amusing how initially we had such control and wiped them out completely, then when they returned for a second...
  3. Rovinder Kitt

    Who is available for Dungeon Run teams?

    Yeah, I saw that right after I wrote my reply to your thread..... Doh!
  4. Rovinder Kitt

    Who is available for Dungeon Run teams?

    Hey Shiv - since you started this forum post, would you be able to gather together each of the teams in your first post? (editing your first post as you go) Something like; Team 1 1. In Character Name 1 (team lead) 2. In Character Name 2 3. In Character Name 3 Team 2 1. Etc. Etc. (team lead)...
  5. Rovinder Kitt

    EVENT REVIEW: "All Good Things..." - September 2016

    1. Post your favorite moments child necromancer fight, bandit king fight 2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix) None 3. What you would like to see more of Awesome plot and new players 4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character Hmmmmm, f the...
  6. Rovinder Kitt

    EVENT REVIEW: "The End Draws Near" - July 2016

    1. Post your favorite moments The ongoing multi-part drug mod, envelope after envelope then a party split, then two entirely separate fights, best insta mod yet. The reaction to the land shark mod when they followed us back to town, the possible lynching of the scientist (sorry I forgot his...
  7. Rovinder Kitt

    In Character Tent

    Hi National Event organizers! I will be attending the 2016 National event and I am wondering if I was to bring my 10' x 10' In-Character tent (entirely for roleplay, etc. not for sleeping in) would there be somewhere within a 'marketplace' or similar to put it? As I am travelling from Calgary I...
  8. Rovinder Kitt

    Dungeon Run Team Organization

    Hi, I am looking for a team, if any still have room.
  9. Rovinder Kitt

    Event Review: Time Waits for No One

    1. Post your favorite moments - The race change and the vast amount of roleplay that arose from it. - The 55 elementals of every type, non stop fight, on the Proctor mod - When it finally stopped raining and started snowing, it was colder but more bearable, loved that it led up to the staff...
  10. Rovinder Kitt

    Event Review: The King's Masquerade

    1. Post your favorite moments This was my first Alliance masquerade and it was thoroughly enjoyable. I was super impressed by just how much everyone got into the spirit of the event, and how different it felt from a tavern night or a Breach event. The masks were lots of fun, I liked that...
  11. Rovinder Kitt

    Event Review: Back to the Ogre's Head

    1. Post your favorite moments Being back in the tavern where I walked in almost a year ago and first encountered many of the people I now call friends. 2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix) Not really an issue but I was looking forward to gambling at the gaming...
  12. Rovinder Kitt

    Event review for "Cold Spirits"

    1. Post your favorite moments The overall murder mystery was cool, I enjoyed the fact that literally anyone could have done it, then it turned out that everyone did do it! fighting the entire adventuring group of NPC's in the dark and snow was awesome (except for my very early termination, but I...
  13. Rovinder Kitt

    So here is a fun question

    They look like awesome weapons in the first photo(on the mini), I can't see the grooves on them as any sort of issue, you would have to be fairly amazing with them to trap and hold peoples' weapons during combat, I also have a couple of axes which have hooked heads and similar grooves and have...
  14. Rovinder Kitt

    Geek Moot - July 26th Anyone going? - "Where geeks come to geek" What?: Boardgames, Card Games, Video Games, Food, etc. I don't know how good it is, I've never been, someone asked me if I was going so I thought I would give it a try. Are we having a Alliance LARP presence there? it's...
  15. Rovinder Kitt

    Event review "Festival of Crows"

    Post your review for a "Festival of Crows" 1. Post your favorite moments Troll ball was lots of fun Scavenger hunt was sometimes confusing (doh, what can we get for that item???) but excellent – I still don’t know what we got or how, for the last few items…… The explosion that killed one of...
  16. Rovinder Kitt

    Is "Meewee" a racial slur?

    I have played two other LARP systems which included drawbacks as a part of character creation, these ranged from a minor flaw to a major, and in my opinion almost unplayable disadvantage. One of the flaws was called 'intolerance' and the description literally ranged from 'you are uncomfortable...
  17. Rovinder Kitt

    How to get to Festival of Crows

    lock....combo???? to the campsite gate or something?
  18. Rovinder Kitt

    How to get to Festival of Crows

    Can I please have very, very clear instructions on how to get to the campsite - never been there before, and I don't know Calgary, road names, etc. etc. Apologies if this post/information is elsewhere on the forum, a search for directions didn't turn up the right results. Many thanks Chris...
  19. Rovinder Kitt

    Event Review "All's Fair"

    1. Post your favorite moments The pixie fight - just awesome if a little one sided - would have loved to have seen the end of it if SOMEONE hadn't waylaid me...... The RP involved in catching the wanted criminal played by Abbey - His antics in the stocks, biting, kicking third - lol and scooping...