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  1. Jack Y.

    Resolved Pulling Damage from Enhanced Signature Spell and stores

    A question that was raised to me as a rules marshal but that I am stumped on: When using Enhance Signature Spell, is it possible to Enhance a 5th level spell to 50 points of damage then pull the damage to 45 in order to place it in a Spell Store or charge an Energized Weapon? (Season to taste...
  2. Jack Y.

    PASS President's Rules Proposal: Fade From Party

    Full Text Change: Fade from Party At all times, members of Alliance LARP should feel safe, even if their character does not. A player can always remove themself from an in-game status for safety, medical, emotional, or personal reasons. Examples of reasons a player may need to or want to Fade...
  3. Jack Y.

    Resolved Stopper Anything and Potion Coating

    As originally asked on the Official Alliance LARP discord here: Potion Coating mentions Earth Potions, which from the ritual using Destruction as a specific example, aspect rather than effect...
  4. Jack Y.

    North East Regional Event 2024

    Genuinely, it will depend where people are coming from. I would suggest checking rome2rio for options because it will compare flights as well as buses/trains/shuttles/driving to get someone from point a to point b.
  5. Jack Y.

    PASS MN Rules Proposal: Remove Spell Book GS Purchases, Raise LP Limit to 75

    Proposed by MN 3/11/24 Seconded by AGB 3/19/24, NH and Chicago 3/22/24 Summary: This vote removes the logistics exception for Full Spell Book purchase for 500 Goblin Stamps, changes the price of full Alchemy Recipe Books to 100 Goblin Stamps, and raises the per-Logistics Period limit for Game...
  6. Jack Y.

    PASS Presidential Bylaws Proposal: Simplification of Votes II

    Summary: All votes specified within these bylaws, excluding those pertaining to ARC proposals and Veto actions, shall necessitate a two-thirds majority of those voting to be deemed approved. An ARC vote shall be deemed approved unless the number of votes cast against it exceeds fifty percent...
  7. Jack Y.

    Regarding the Establishment of a Crafting Union

    A stern and stoic red-haired Librahm (Biata) with black, red, and purple feathers attaches parchment to a wind-sheltered bulletin board at the Town Hall. [ALT TEXT: A sheet of parchment with writing and a woodcut image on the right margin. The woodcut image is pressed in black ink and...
  8. Jack Y.

    A Note in the Town Hall

    [ALT TEXT: (Written in a slanted print with green ink on parchment, with leafy decorative horizontal dividers on the top and bottom. The text is written over the watermark of a thickly-lined circle with large lines crossing over the edges in a diamond-like pattern. In the middle is a stylized...
  9. Jack Y.

    This Coming Market, March 29th

    Good Stormwolf, Thank you for the kindness of your information. Understanding makes us stronger together. The warning bell seems a good system. In my own home of the Free Baronies of Westlan Tel'Nava in Barran, at times creatures carry necromantic potions, scrolls, and items. Is there an...
  10. Jack Y.

    FAIL Chicago Rules Proposal: Change Alchemy and Spell Book Goblin Stamp Prices

    Proposed by Chicago 2/20/24 Seconded by Wisconsin 2/21/24 Proposal: Change Goblin Stamp prices of Spellbooks and Recipe books Purpose: To adjust prices to better fit with the changes made by 2.1 The current gobbie prices for spell and recipe books are a holdover from the previous crafting...
  11. Jack Y.

    2023 Symposium Vote List (Multi-Item Thread)

    2023 Symposium Vote Summaries Attendance: The following chapters were in attendance and have their votes marked as abbreviations: Atlanta (ATL) California-Arizona (CAAZ) Chicago (CHI) Crossroads (XR) Gettysburg (AGB) Las Vegas (LV) Minnesota (MN) New Hampshire (NH) Northeast PA (NEPA) Roanoke...
  12. Jack Y.

    PC Crafting Materials survey

    The basis for the thought of one crafting material isn't always one silver straight up (why I was wondering if you meant adjusting the internals) is that for starting equipment, a crafting material's worth adventuring equipment = 5 points/5 copper. Same with toolkit giving you 20CM use-or-lose...
  13. Jack Y.

    PC Crafting Materials survey

    Supplemental and further clarifying info: Say we're doing a split for 18 people, we first divide out the coin and try to get it as equitable as possible, then fill in the rest of the stacks that are short on silver with CM, then go around putting out crafting materials. Folks who can make more...
  14. Jack Y.

    PC Crafting Materials survey

    Clarity: if all players at the game valued it the same as 1 silver coin, or the game overall changed the back end value to 1 silver = 1 CM? I suppose at the moment it would be like offering up say, 1 gold worth adventuring equipment to offer 10CM. It would depend on if the people at the...
  15. Jack Y.

    PC Crafting Materials survey

    I have a journeyman inscriber, but GB, especially after the sunset of HQ as a high level game, is top heavy. When we are doing splits for major battles, all crafting materials have been valued as 1 silver per material. With the kind of experience we have, crafting adventuring equipment and...
  16. Jack Y.

    National Event Information for LGBT+ Players

    The original post, with the context of having been information aggregated by D&I in the wake of the transfer of Nationals from Denver to Crossroads, has been replaced with more comprehensive information. For the sake of broadening the scope for understanding, India has reached out to provide a...
  17. Jack Y.

    PASS D&I Proposal: Alliance Official Code of Ethics

    Proposed 09 August 2023, D&I Chief Officer Seconded by Gettysburg, NEPA, and Minnesota. Summary: Policy - Adds a National Code of Ethics for use, guidance, and enforcement. This Code of Ethics will be included in the Alliance Rulebook for publication. Change: Adds: Code of Ethics No...
  18. Jack Y.

    PASS ARC Proposal: Rename Monster ability 'Altered' to 'Harmed' and add new monster Ability 'Altered'

    Proposed by ARC 08-02-2023 Summary: Monsters will call "Harmed" instead of "Altered" when they possess the monster ability "Harmed by X." Add a new monster ability "Altered." Full text changes outlined below. This is intended for implementation with 2.1 with updated text in the final rulebook...
  19. Jack Y.

    August 2023 FAVORITES!

    It was an absolute joy and pleasure to be able to make it out to New Hampshire for my first time! Favorites! From the PC side, it was a pleasure to meet everyone, being welcomed in with open arms and having a quick run-down of much-needed information, impeccable knowledge sharing. Paolo +...
  20. Jack Y.

    Alliance Rulebook 2.1 Draft 10

    Hello Docs! Thank you for the continuing opportunities to have a direct impact by providing backup on the Rulebook. "Logistics Period" is mentioned frequently throughout the text, but never clearly and concisely defined. Perhaps a prime spot would be in the Logistics section?