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    Feb One Day Favorites!

    As an npc I have no stories to tell, because they are pc’s stories. :) but it was nice to see Raymond and Josh. Can’t wait to see them more! Lisa. You killed with your summer one liners. it felt good to rp a npc again. Haven’t done it in a while. I got to talk this time! Instead of being the...
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    Feb 2020 Infograph - Crafting

    Oh, offensively, got it.
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    Feb 2020 Infograph - Crafting

    Potions have a ritual requirement? what does that mean?
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    Jan 2020 Thanks and Favorites

    thanks Chris. Living 3 mins away is why I decided to run the event in the first place. It allowed me to check it all out. Before I volunteer, my neighbor let me into the building so I could look at it. I have one of those laser measuring tapes. It really helped Me understand the space. and then...
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    Jan 2020 Thanks and Favorites

    And a huge thanks to everyone that helped clean up Saturday night!
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    Jan 2020 Thanks and Favorites

    Cory and I would like to thank everyone that came out to The Shatter Realms Opener. Thank you PC's for a great time. Braving the snow, and making the long drives, or the short drives in! It was great playing with every single one of you! Thank you NPC's. We would not have been able to do it...
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    LARP Playlist

    Yonkie personal motto song. Listen to it. It’s spot on. Because I’m tacky - “Weird Al” Yankovic
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    Traps with the New Game Room Mechanic

    I'm talking about the same game room. A single size game room.
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    Traps with the New Game Room Mechanic

    Explosive traps are now more deadly! Who hoo. If I have two explosive traps (20 points), on the opposite ends of the same game room (1 game room), each with its own trigger. Then one trap goes boom! What happens next? 1) both traps go off at the same time, since the explosive trap acts...
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    Ley ore needed.

    I have emeverything else short of ley ore. Can anyone trade me for 4?
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    The reality of the staff rules

    Having used a two handed sword for a long time as a adept/spellsword. I can say I thrust with it all the time. I played a game where staff was just covered the whole length with closed foam. Use it how you like. It actually worked out just fine. Actually a little safer due to no pipe at all...
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    Favorites October 11th-13th

    Part 2! the look on Adros face every time I said the same 5 words to him. Jote being a better battle buddy than me. I left, with out a word, to go sneaking, and she followed! Then the look of Horror when I sent her on ahead to investigate the building without me. But she did! Mathis...
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    Favorites October 11th-13th

    Okay, I’m just writing so I get something on the board. If I forget anything, or anyone I’m sorry. Just sooooooo much happened this weekend. Thanks to Hanna and Clay for npcing! You guys were great. We had a lot of people step up and npc this weekend, and it was great to see. I personal...
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    Formalist Needed

    So. If you were to put a rank on it. Say simple is investiture. How many simples would you need? Or cloak is a good one. How many cloaks would I have to give up, to have what you need? -yonkie
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    Thoughts on the Rumors

    Mathis, I volunteer to become a pit fighter. Yonkie
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    The Masked Fighter Wins it big!

    pit fights, I want in. ~yonkie
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    An On time Call to Blacksmiths

    Da sure. as long a you do plan to rake me over dem coals. 3 shields, 3 short swords, 3 long bows, 3 heavy cross bows, 3 light cross bows. and arrows and bolts wouldn't be bad.
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    An On time Call to Blacksmiths

    Hey, if you are a Blacksmith, contact me. I want to buy stuff.
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    Dragonfall Favorites

    Sorry this took so long, I got pretty sick Tuesday, and was just out of it ever night when I got home. This was my first FEAST! It was really really cool. Thanks to Genevieve and family! And alll the others that helped! It was a cool experience. I had a blast this weekend. Here are my...
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    A call to Blacksmiths

    Yes, yes, I'm the king of asking late. Want to fight about it? or get payed well for your trouble? I need 2 or 3 heavy crossbows. I'm not quite skilled enough to make them myself. Besides, who do you want in your corner? Some, naby pamby person you were going to sell too. Or... The...