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  1. Tetsu

    July Favorites

    Hey all, This was a really great event to come to Alliance for after a hiatus. Everybody on staff and those who volunteered to NPC were amazing. I thank you all very much for putting on such a great game! -Thanks to my team for keeping me motivated, and being amazing sports & roleplayers. I...
  2. Tetsu

    The Festival of Draconalia

    ...*mumble*...uh, gotta sleep, Festival tomorrow! So close, almost back to Al..uh, what? Teamss...I wanna be on the red team...ZzzZzzZzz (these stupid yammerings are easily recognized as coming from Flint if you've heard him speak)
  3. Tetsu

    Cultural Exercise

    Howdy fellow voice-burdened dreamers! Over the last several months I have had the honor and privilege to assist with efforts to recover the Great land of Falkirk from the foes that would see it burn. It's been challenging. However, through the cooperation of His Grace Sir Nevin Kendrick's...
  4. Tetsu

    HQ 2015 opener Favorites!

    Hey guys! I had a great time visiting the event on Saturday. It was wonderful to see everyone, and meet some new folks. -My new pal Steven who played Arthur the Apprentice rules. He had some awesome improv for the Blacksmith module Geoffrey wrote. Fun times. Thanks to Geoffrey for asking...
  5. Tetsu

    Tournament at the Keep

    Squire Vox, Frankly, I'm shocked and disturbed at the audacity you've shown. You are not only bringing shame on yourself, but your House, and perhaps most grievous of all your liege lord by behaving this way. As a Squire, your display of ignorance of the Law of the Land is astounding. Allow...
  6. Tetsu

    Tournament at the Keep

    Squire Vox, I suggest you carefully consider the following Tenet: 'Thou Shalt Respect the Weak and Thou Shalt Constitute Thyself the Defender of Them.' My declaration stands. I would be happy to discuss this further when next we have the opportunity to meet. Thank you gentlefolk for...
  7. Tetsu

    Tournament at the Keep

    Vox, This competition does not sound like it has anything to do with the skill and craft of creating alchemical substances as much as it tests how well somebody is at being an assassin. I feel like this could go terribly wrong, and potentially end up harming a non-participating bystander. I...
  8. Tetsu

    may event favorites

    Wow. This event was truly epic! Thank you Alliance Ashbury staff and NPCs for all your hard work to make this so much fun! Tom Haswell wrote a great event! Donna generally managed the hell out of it! Collin plotted hard...real hard. Tom Wilson ran a great desk! Josh crushed it at...
  9. Tetsu

    For Sale or Trade

    Ignatious, It appears the perception we have for one another has indeed altered greatly. This makes me more sorrowful than I could ever express to you. Now it appears I will never have the chance. I assure you that we, the Court of Corrhaim, are not bitter. Our focus is true. I'll tell...
  10. Tetsu

    For Sale or Trade

    Ignatious, Your response is completely out of line and unecessary. I'd ask you to show respect to a Knight of the realm, refrain from advising them on how they conduct themselves, and show a bit more compassion to a person who is legitimately concerned for your wellbeing. Implying that Sir...
  11. Tetsu

    Pre-reg for Ashbury April event: CLOSED

    I will be there as a NPC. Justin C.
  12. Tetsu

    Seek the Dawn

    I will stand with you and our family, Sevaria. Sincerely, Tetsu
  13. Tetsu

    October event favorites!

    Thanks to the NPCs for bringing the excellent story written by the G-burg plot team to life. This was an outstanding weekend for me! It really helped breathe new life into my aging character. Sometimes you reach creciendo moments that make you feel like you've truly 'won' the game. The...
  14. Tetsu


    Hey!! I am so hot on the inside. Ona I admire you for getting use' to this so fast. I feel like I must be constantly fan' and keep drinking beer all the time. Or water. What works?! Nivek - if your dream' am bring your head in this realm STOP LISTENING. I got to have one on world time...
  15. Tetsu

    A Visit to the Hollow

    Phedre, I have missed you much, and it will be good to see you again! We will drink the beers. Love, Tetsu
  16. Tetsu

    A Warning for Travelers.

    Anonymous voice, I would know who addresses the mass populous on behalf of the 'Ducal Army Command'. Which Duchy do you represent? I could make an assumption based on the location you've specified, but ain't never been one for assumin'. The warning is appreciated, but it's vague nature is...
  17. Tetsu


    Welcome to the club Papa! I am anxious to meet your righteous spawn. Tetsu
  18. Tetsu

    September Pre-Reg List

    Pre-registering for logistics is at the forefront of my mind for this weekend. I am just hoping I get a copy of my card in the next 24 hours.
  19. Tetsu

    September Pre-Reg List

    I was just enabled to PC this event over the weekend. I will be hopping fence, though. Very excited.
  20. Tetsu

    September Pre-Reg List

    I should have my car by tomorrow. Therefore, I will be in control of my own destiny. Further: I should be off work Friday before and the Monday after the event. This calls for beeribration. It's what happens when you have beer, and celebrate, and the beer celebrates with you as if a person...