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  1. Deborah

    Please help friends in need

    Health and beauty aids such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, body soap, and deodorant. I will take care of and some clothing sizes Hats and Mittens scarves and some clothing..... I know there will be some more things that will be added to my list but will add them as I collect them
  2. Deborah

    July Event Pot Luck Sign Up

    So far I only know of two crock pots that are going to be in use there anyone else that will need a hookup for one as I have to make sure there are sufficient outlets ready..........thank you
  3. Deborah

    July Event Pot Luck Sign Up

    I need to know ahead of time for reheating things so I can make sure it happens in a timely fashion.......refrigerator space is limited to first come first serve..... I will work to have everything go as smooth as possible....
  4. Deborah

    October 9-11 Long Weekend Event and Season Closer Pre-Registration List

    looks like there are about 30 people eating on site Sat......night.....this is the menu...Sausage bread.....Potatoes,carrots,and cheese(but with a new twist to them) Sat...brunch time start your day......Sat night...beef stew for the meat dish and roasted root veggies for the...
  5. Deborah

    October 9-11 Long Weekend Event and Season Closer Pre-Registration List

    going to post this here.....If you are going to be having Sat. night meal....please post here so I can get an idea as to how many will be eating on will help me figure out just what Sat. nights meal will be.......when I get a number I will post the menu ..........there will be a...
  6. Deborah

    Paragon Packages - Paths of the Paragons

    Being celestial and if I took the Southkin Path......would I still be able to wear the elemental flame mark......and see where that leads or would I have to give up the mark to take the Southkin Path?
  7. Deborah

    Celestial Guild Meeting

    All Guild Members and those interested in becoming members: At this gather when you arrive into town please come to the Tavern to let myself ...Guild Mistress Deborah or Assistant Guild Master Duorn know you are here.....We will be holding a Guild meeting on Saturday at 1 bell.......this...
  8. Deborah

    seeking nightshade

    I will check and see if I have any.......... Guild Mistress Deborah
  9. Deborah

    seeking nightshade

    I will check and see if I have any.......... Guild Mistress Deborah
  10. Deborah

    Ria Sevaria of Goshawk

    In Memory of the fallen: "Village Lanterne" Don't shed a tear for me I stand alone This path of destiny Is all my own Once in the hands of fate There is no choice An echo on the wind You'll hear my voice... Some choose to fall behind Some choose to lead Some choose a golden path Laden with...
  11. Deborah

    a quickly scribbled note

    come see me in the tavern Maggie I should be able to help you Deborah
  12. Deborah

    Trying to reach Chris/Kay

    I will have him get in touch with you if he hasn't already
  13. Deborah

    June Faves

    Awesome weekend everyone.....story lines are great .....npc doing a awesome job as always.....seeing the tavern coming alive like the old time.....with food, drink, stories, and so much more ......some of the greatest RP I have seen or been apart of, Merchants of the Guard doing their part...
  14. Deborah

    Help us reclaim the Deadlands

    Ivar and I are making sure that supplies the farmers need are being delivered to them so the preparation of the land can begin along with seeds for the farms to grow crops........Anja......see me for arrows when you arrive in the Hollow
  15. Deborah

    November Event PC Shifts

    as far as I know it will be Mark, Mike ,Chris, and Melissa....maybe Nate
  16. Deborah

    October Favorites

    I cannot say enough about the people who write these stories. You guys are amazing and your imaginations are incredible. always amaze me, more and more with every event. Vampire charmed in the tavern with Deborah. Akanis, Deb and I in the tavern after the entire town just left. In...
  17. Deborah

    A Visit to the Hollow

    looking forward to seeing you again......songs by the fire and catching up on things that have happened.......
  18. Deborah

    New mod building/tent and team tent on site: Need volunteers

    Re: New mod building/tent and team tent on site: Need volunt we will need 4 to 6 people to make it easy and quick thank you for all the help check in when you get here and we will show you where the sides and tops are. Deb
  19. Deborah

    Alliance LARP: The Movie

    Still can't find a good actor for Nadarin. First thought was Jennifer Lawrence, but I'm not entirely convinced. not really sure about one for Deborah either still think on that one
  20. Deborah

    Alliance LARP: The Movie

    Laura Prepon as Tova Although she needs to have more fur and whiskey :)