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  1. Kipp Strongarm

    A Fond Farewell and Here's to the Future

    Peace from Kansas good luck to your endeavors
  2. Kipp Strongarm

    BGA Rules for Covid

    Hey guys sorry for how late this came out we kind of dropped the ball here, but this was supposed to go out months ago. Also to that note the plot team has taken a hiatus for personal reasons, but we are also taking the time to continue our world building, so that some of the answers on our lore...
  3. Kipp Strongarm

    Emblem Contest!

    Yes to all those, we are looking for something we can put on banners, or other items so any and all forms work
  4. Kipp Strongarm

    Emblem Contest!

    Hey everybody Alliance Kansas is putting out a contest in search of three emblems to represent three organizations within the shard of Rumeria! The Organizations we are looking to represent are Our Healer's Guild, Celestial Guild, and the City of Haven our main Focus of plot, we are also...
  5. Kipp Strongarm

    August Favorite Moments!

    Sounds more like you owe him your life.
  6. Kipp Strongarm

    June Opener Favorite Moments!!!

    Kipp skinning an Orc alive as well as several instances of beheadings
  7. Kipp Strongarm

    Favorite moments 9/15/17

    My favorite moment besides people being concerned with the size of my axes, is arguing with the orc caster about trading friends.
  8. Kipp Strongarm

    Now Recruiting!

    I can help out in something new player or whatever you'll have me for.
  9. Kipp Strongarm

    Creating a Character

    works on my fighter