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  1. MaxIrons

    Resolved Cloak vs Ingested Delivery

    Hello ARC, After discussion on the Marshal Discussion forum we could not reach a consensus due to slight changes in 2.0, possible legacy flavor text, and a reference list mentioned in one place, but not found in the ARB 2.0. Can you please clarify what defenses are applicable to the Ingested...
  2. MaxIrons

    Cloak vs Ingested Delivery?

    I suggest since there is not a Marshal Consensus this is now taken to the Marshal Discussion board.
  3. MaxIrons

    Cloak vs Ingested Delivery?

    Here's my take on it. You absolutely can Cloak an Ingested effect. The breakdown of how I got to this conclusion follows. A. Ingested deliveries ignore protective spells, and Cloak is not a protective spell. B. While Ingested effects state that they have very few defenses, there is no actual...
  4. MaxIrons

    This Month in the Broken Shards

    [Apologies for missing a month, there were various difficulties among the plot team, but better late than never, and we'll be getting back on track] A former soldier, with a blackened and quite frankly horrific left hand missing fingers has shown up to New Wagonslist. Anyone who has seen...
  5. MaxIrons

    Resolute and killing blow

    Thirded for both reasons mentioned above.
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    Broken Shards game 3 cancellation and story options:

    Hello Folks, It’s not unexpected but we’re cancelling the next Broken Shards event. We have been postponing the actual announcement while we finish getting some plans together for the interim. 1. We’ll be getting the extension downtimes from the cancelled February game out today. 2. We’ll...
  7. MaxIrons

    This Month in the Broken Shards

    As of late a very aged Praesidio member has been the only member of the force left at the nearby fort. As they come into town fairly regularly you find that they are basically there to “light the first torch” if enemies come in force from the North. They’re too old to fight effectively, but...
  8. MaxIrons

    If Alliance were a video game...

    I wanted some for NPCs as well, since they're super important to the game as well. "Switching Sides" - Volunteer to NPC for a mod. "Pay Your Dues" - Play an entire event as an NPC "Guild Member" - NPC an entire season. "Loyal Opposition" - NPC an entire campaign "Big Bad" - Get cast by plot as...
  9. MaxIrons

    How is everyone doing?

    Writing, re-writing and polishing plot lines while putting things out to try and keep up the hype.
  10. MaxIrons

    High Ogre Popularity

    Honestly, I love High Ogres (was my first character), but their national race packet is... pretty bad and could use a re-work.
  11. MaxIrons

    Sling use?

    If you built something similar to what they made in metal for these models out of foam, and met the dimension requirements for a "crossbow" you could use it as with the Archery skill and fire "bolts".
  12. MaxIrons

    This Month in the Broken Shards

    The following edict has been distributed to every corner of the Imperium, and criers have been sent to speak the edict for those who cannot read. By direct order of the Her Majesty Empress Puerluna Dominita Esteemed Leader of the Senate and Commander of all Armed Forces of the Imperium...
  13. MaxIrons

    Sickle: Small Weapon or One-Handed Edged? Also, any specific combat rules?

    Of note grappling/hooking/trapping other weapons is expressly forbidden in Alliance combat. The best way to think of it, is that in combat, unless it is expressly required (like with first aid or weapon attacks) it is forbidden to touch another person in combat. Always work with your local...
  14. MaxIrons

    Collecting Information from February Gather

    What did the Twisted you saw look like? Skin color, markings, anything?
  15. MaxIrons


    It appears it does by my reading. The effect seems on the victim, and not on the caster. The caster holding the arm out only effects the duration of the effect upon the victim but it is not on the caster per se.
  16. MaxIrons

    February 2020 A'A Event Favorite Moments

    1. All of Kel's ongoing frustrations at working with Command using people boiling over when he found out a Sylvanvborn from his vale used a non-consensual Sleep on someone. Not many people have seen Kel legitimately angry, I hope they don't have to see it again. 2. Killian and Kel's mutual...
  17. MaxIrons

    kind of a silly Q, but is there any correlation between race and colors worn?

    In the Oregon chapter, local lore has specific meaning for Sylvanborn horns culturally, but not for clothing.
  18. MaxIrons

    LCO Level Caps

    It's being considered for BroS at some point but we're also considering making it a very slow progressive point (progress per actual game logistics period only) once we hit 100 build it so. That's years away, so it hasn't been finalized yet.
  19. MaxIrons

    Combat Enjoyment since 2.0

    Yep. It's on everyone PC & NPC alike to make an event the best it can be, and the things that you're giving examples of are players who are unintentionally making it harder. You're actually really good about it, and it has improved a long way from when I first started playing in Seattle...