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  1. Lorelei Beinae

    Fears of the Past - The History of the Montagues

    I noticed a lack of mention of death of these former leaders. Can you clarify that for me please? Do we have proof that both of these former kings are dead? Since there was interaction with necromancy and undeath, it is valid concerns to have, even if they have nothing to do with Byras. -Astraea ☆
  2. Lorelei Beinae

    Voices In My Head: A Collection of Poems

    Nothing but good things! Regret struggles with his powers and was not dealing with them in a health manner. We are seeing that he is at least seeking to improve, which is great!
  3. Lorelei Beinae

    Voices In My Head: A Collection of Poems

    Regret is writing poetry! I am so proud of him! We love healthier coping mechanisms.
  4. Lorelei Beinae

    Resolved Inscriber's Tome and Potency

    So we have a bit of a question. Inscriber's Tome reads like this: Inscriber’s Tome Skill Requirement: Inscription 15 Duration: 10 times ever Ingredients: 10 Ink, 10 Vellum Target: Item <book, scroll, tablet, etc.> A character with the Inscription skill can expend an item charge to cast an...
  5. Lorelei Beinae

    Relative worth of ritual scrolls.

    Best explanation I have heard on how pricing on ritual scrolls goes is that it's like the stock market. Prices jump up and down depending on where you invest and the demand in the area. There are some that will go high all the time (like Claire mentioned above) but even then, I know people who...
  6. Lorelei Beinae

    Vindicator seats to be filled and Candidates

    The candidate from Silkshore was choosen. Ser Daniel pulled his bid and used his time to call out Ser Farnsworth for murder and conspiring with vampires with some pretty damning evidence. Ser Farnsworth was arrested. So there was really only one choice left. ~Astraea ☆
  7. Lorelei Beinae

    The Avatars of Power and You: Ongoing Notes of Avatars of Power in Rathfall

    Major update on many fronts. Posting to bump this to the front for public viewing.
  8. Lorelei Beinae

    Tristan or Yvaine, a decision needs to be made

    Hey y'all I think it was brought up in another Dreaming but I was convinced the Pro-Tristan movement is more Anti-Yvaine than anything. Princess Yvaine and Prince Consort Montague are showing a lot potential to send Rathfall into a new renaissance and that scares people, especially those that...
  9. Lorelei Beinae

    A Message from the Kobolds

    Hello and Greeting adventurers! Some of you have met me but my name is Mish Maw, a tradeswoman here in the Conflux City. It's so wonderful to see so many new customers coming into our home. We are honored that you would consider our wonder city for your very important meeting. However, I do...
  10. Lorelei Beinae

    Gavaria April 2024 Event Favorites!

    I mean....what can I say? This event was one of the greatest ones I have been a part of. A plot two years in the making completed. Not in the most perfect way, but satisfactory. I looked back and realized that I first learned about Magnus in Oct of 2022 when we cast a vision and saw him for the...
  11. Lorelei Beinae

    Magnus Varov Neutralized And Steps Moving Forward

    Well.....I wasn't expecting to announce something like this as early as I am but here we are. As of Saturday evening, April 20, Magus Varov has been arrested for his crimes against Garavia and is in the custody of Count Tanno. His vampirism is removed and the band of chaos is now in the hands...
  12. Lorelei Beinae

    Gavaria March 2024 Favorites!

    The talk with Magnus and feeling the payoff of our high-risk move. I am so happy we are getting to do this our way. That conversation was so informative and tense yet so fun to do. Also, Magnus calling me out on my daddy issues publicly like come on man, can't a girl project her past traumas on...
  13. Lorelei Beinae

    For Adventuring Eyes Only; Magnus Varov

    Aramis, I do not believe these pods are considered artifacts. Any extra pods, according to Apaulette, are currently in use and I don't know if Celeste's and Anya's bodies can handle the strain of hopping in and out of stasis. I do not believe there are time elementals here and no known creature...
  14. Lorelei Beinae

    For Adventuring Eyes Only; Magnus Varov

    Benjamin, Over the months, we looked into Atupal and the training pods that are there. Roy even tried to give us some insights on what we could try. Unfortunately, the conclusion came that the pods were not capable of holding the magics required to stop the disease. The pod that we did find...
  15. Lorelei Beinae

    Resolved Foundation Strike/Empowered Strike with a bow?

    So I want to make sure this is correct but I can use Foundation Strike and Empowered Strike with a bow, correct?
  16. Lorelei Beinae

    Feast '24 Favorites

    "What is easy to pick up but hard to put down?" "Ha, ha your mom, draw your mom!" That whole mod was wonderfully silly and was the perfect end to a long but great event. Getting a chance to talk to Countess Bengalao and getting to speak plainly and honestly with her. Astraea definitely has a...
  17. Lorelei Beinae

    A Spiritual Journey to Rathfall

    Oh yeah...that place... Will we need to obtain Corpse Lights to venture inside or is there another plan to gain access? -Astraea ☆
  18. Lorelei Beinae

    A Millennium Reunion

    A question for you, Lady Asher. The blade the Fae court gave you to slay the Mother of Waves. Do you still have it or have they taken that burden away from you since the awakening of Moon Father? I know you are her Herald but, and I mean no offense to about this, are you safe to be near her?
  19. Lorelei Beinae

    The Avatars of Power and You: Ongoing Notes of Avatars of Power in Rathfall

    Yes, please! Study it! I encourage all to research and report back!